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An open, creative, and durable answer to stimulating innovation in your community

Erwin Moes

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of Nexus

Below and Above the waterline!
Current Situation
Create a physical working and meeting place for modern professional's and student's of all shades where they can co-create innovation for themselves and the community at large
Solution Concept
1+1 = 3
Potential Results
A open, creative, and durable answer to stimulating innovation in your community
Interaction and cross-pollination of views and idea's
Low-cost, Flexible, and Durable
Government & communities looking to stimulate innovation
Modern professional's and student's looking for a cool and relaxing place to find each other and work on innovative project's
Solution...bring the two desires together and watch the sparks fly!
New solution's for old & new challenges
Make use of empty commercial spaces close to transportation hubs by allowing people to take up temporary residence in untenanted building's across the city.
Invitation to 'horeca' to exploit and be DJ's* at the Nexus at reduced rates
Incubator of growing group of co-creative Knomads with an entrepreneurial hart for the social-good
Reward innovate idea's by giving the groups that come up with them commissions to work out their ideas and implement them in a start-up environment, supported by local experts in their field.
Spin-off effects in the form of more collaborative networks, added social-value.
Forget looking solutions for the solutions yourself. Instead invest in the environment, tools, and people that are today's and tomorrow's entrepreneurial problem solvers
How to do it?
Success is always determined by the approach one takes. Together with how one fills in the details, these two can make or break a great idea. If you would like to learn more about this concept you can contact

Erwin Moes at erwinmoes19@gmail.com
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