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Thank You Ms. Johnson


N`yaire Smith

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Thank You Ms. Johnson

First Day of School
On the first day of school you welcomed all of us in like family
you did not get mad at us after explaining over and over again what a adverb modifies and what a verb is
We had no clue what a DSQ was
We were all confused and you helped us
The Big Switch
There were a lot of upset people when they found out they had to leave their friends
But you set a side all the negative people and you helped us pull though
We just not stop complaining and you delt with it anyway. You did not scream at us, but you kept explaining it and did not have a problem doing so
Now we are all thankful that we joined your LA and Science class because you are a greatest teacher we could have!
New Students
When Corey came and said the things he did, you did not just leave it but you talked all of us through it
Then came Aliza she was a miracle to the girls
You welcomed other students and introduced them to our beloved family
You welcomed them to our big family and helped them get around.
You are a very unique teacher. You did not send us away when we talked to you about our "problems or issues" (cough) Mr. Wilson (cough)
You actually listened to us not just going "uh", "me too", "yeah", and "wow"
You helped us solve our problems with other people that were being difficult
You understood is the most important thing of all!
We almost all get along and we cooperate
You are still always there for us
We might be a pain but you listen anyway
Also, you have HUGE, wonderful plants
Plus, you have gone out of your way just for us more times than you had to
You are always there for us when we are feeling down
You welcomed our new students and made them part of our family
You will always be remembered in our hearts
You changed our lives by teaching us academically and teaching us to deal with problems and most teachers do not have enough nerve to even try
Thank You Ms. Johnson
+30 minutes schedule
You explained all about the +30 minutes
You helped us get used to our new crazy schedule
You helped us fell better when we were upset, stressed, and confused about it the second change
You told us it would be okay when we were very worried
By: N'yaire Smith and McKenna Mooney
Aliza Arteaga
Aliseyah Augustin
Mahilda Baygboe
Raven Brown
Carl Caverl
Cherie Chong
Justice Chukwura
MaShante Coleman
Kalyn Collins
Tylicia Cox
London Deadwyler
Ashle Ertter
Gideon Fernald
Keyon Flowers
Malaysia Freelon
Keith Gabbidon
Sergio Garcia
Caleb Hale
Ilaih Hall
Caleb Henry
Oma Haq
Kayleigh Kang
Eunice Kiria
Judy Lin
Manuel Loma
Leandro Lopez
Carlos Luna
Jordan McLean
Ashish Mithani
Mraley Montaque
Joseph Moon
McKenna Mooney
Zavion Mouton
Alejandro Nunez
Sarah Omar
Debbie Ososanya
Cory Page
Ayanna Parker
Jordana Phillips
Alexa Richardson
Sarah Rezepka
Nyaire Smith
Cassidy Stoddart
Jesseye Sylvester
Micah Thomas
Joseph Thompson
Elani Vazquez
Gabby Velasquez
Chirum Wheatly
Nyala White
Kaytlin Whitney
Fred Wilson
Jasmine Woods
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