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How to perfect the snapping side kick

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Johny York

on 5 October 2015

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Transcript of How to perfect the snapping side kick

How to perfect the snapping side kick
Geoff Colvin wrote an article titled, "What it Takes to be Great". In the article, he answers the the following question: why do some people go on to become great while others do not? His answer is simple. To be great, one must commit to deliberate practice. Deliberate practice is activity intended to improve your performance in a particular field.

In this prezi, you will be given information on how to better your "snapping side kick".
The Purpose of the Snapping Side Kick
The snapping side kick is an attack that is intended to impede or stop your opponent from attack you. The leg kick comes out and in quickly to the chamber stance in order to not lose balance, and give up position. You still use the heel of your foot as the contact point.
How to perform the "snapping side kick"
In a fighting stance, slide your lead leg back into a "cat stance". From here, lift your lead leg into chamber, but without losing balance. Your lead leg with stretch out, keeping balance with the intention of hitting your target with the heel and blade of your foot. Bring your leg back to chamber and slide it out back to fighting stance.
Video Tutorial
Essential Characteristics of Deliberate Practice
1. Goal is to always get better
2. High Levels of Repetition
3. Always look for feedback to see where you can get better
Mastering the Snapping Side Kick
Tip #1
Aim to always get better...
For example:
Tip 2: Look for feedback

For Example: When practing the snapping side kick...
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