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My Life by Amy Mathieson

No description

Inveralmond chs

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of My Life by Amy Mathieson

by Amy Mathiesom My life I am eleven years old Introduction my name is Amy Elizabeth mathieson my birthday is on the 12th January I have a dog called Scout and he he is a yorkishire terrier horse riding My Hobbies i have 4 step brothers , and i have 3 step sisters Ice skating i like swimming too i like mustaches funny and random facts i like singing i love chocolate it is just me and my mum who live in my house My Family my mum and dad split up 4 years ago i go to my dads house on a tuesday and a thursday and i go to his every second weekend and stay with my mum the rest of the time my favourite animals my favourite things ! my iphone my vans and vans in genereal converse i like the colour purple i love animals snow tigers yorkshire terriers , i have a yorkie !!! baby monkeys because they are soooooo cute !!!!!!
i hope you enjoyed my prezzi ,i enjoyed making it and i hope it gave you lots of information about me, thank you for watching Conclusion
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