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Study Abroad Prezi

A study abroad experience is an invaluable asset to your job search. Knowing how to market this experience to employers will greatly enhance your ability land a competetive position.

brittany kinard

on 18 November 2015

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Transcript of Study Abroad Prezi

Marketing Your Study Abroad Experience
Cover Letters
Creation of a strong cover letter
Identification of International Experience fit
Marketing Your Study Abroad Experience
UGA Career Center & Office of International Education
Worksheet: Developing Your Stories From Abroad
Key Topics:
Job Market Assessment
Positions that fit a skill-set
International Experience:
What was unique?
Interesting stories?
Growth experiences?
Expand on each topic and then choose one to complete on worksheet

What was your biggest cultural mistake?

What was your most moving experience?

What skills did you gain from this study abroad experience?

Name a challenge you overcame.

Your Street Address
City, State, Zip

Month, Day, Year

Mr./Ms./Dr. Name
Name of Company/Organization
Company’s Street Address
City, State, Zip

Dear Mr./Ms./Dr.:

Paragraph 1: The opening paragraph introduces you to the employer. Relate the position title, how you learned about the opportunity, and why you are the best candidate for the job, based on the qualifications mentioned in the job listing.

Paragraph 2: The middle paragraph establishes why you are the strongest candidate for this position through discussion of your skills and experiences. Include examples of when you have used one or two of your strongest qualifications, explaining how those experiences relate to the needs of the employer. Be specific about why you believe these qualities relate to the position and how you fit what they are looking for. Mention why you are interested in this specific employer and this particular job.

Paragraph 3: The conclusion reinforces your earlier assertions that you are a strong candidate and that you are truly interested in the job and the company. This is where you indicate how you intend to follow up. Refer to your enclosed resume. Point out your contact information.

(your handwritten signature) or Your Name Typed
What should I discuss?
Skills that you gained from your international experience.

Describe how these skills connect to the job.

Explain how your international experience will benefit the professional or company.
Cover Letter No-No's

Use of an unprofessional email address:

Making Demands or Suggestions:
“I need two weeks vacation for my sister's wedding in December”
“I will take this position if I can work from the London office”
Reflection & Self-Assessment
Cover Letters
Where are we going?
Effectively place your experience on your resume.
Be unique.
Think conversation.
Use action verbs to outline your experiences impactfully.
Would You Hire You?
Give yourself credit
Quantify & Qualify
Think strategically
Lying or over exaggerating
Misspellings and strange formats
Interviewing Tips:
Research the position and employer
Arrive early
Engage in the first 15 seconds
Dress appropriately
Bring copies of your resume
Think job description
Connect your experience to their needs
Be postive
Be yourself
Remember your posture, body language, and grammer
Thank you letter
Follow-up with a phone call

Specialize resume
Let's Practice!

Types of Interviews:
Tell me about yourself.
Describe the skills you gained through your study abroad experience.
How would you sell the benefits of studying abroad?
Describe something not on your resume.
Why should we hire you?

Skill Translation
Practical Utilization
Be visual.
Give additional information.
Organize effectively & strategically.
Reference on other documents.
Enable contact.
Keep this in mind during your experience.
Choose a resource that best suits your experience.
How can you market your experience in print or visually?
How can you market your experience verbally?
Make sure you are ready!
Schedule a Career Center Mock Interivew with YOUR Career Consultant!
Career Center: 706-542-3375
Where should I include my experience?
When applicable, include in the middle paragraph(s)
Peer advising may also be apart of this paragragh
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