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Esther Kallon- Scams

No description

Esther Kallon

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Esther Kallon- Scams

False Identity What is the scam? How does the scam happen? What are the results of the scam? How do I feel? What should you do to prevent this scam from happening again This scam is an opportunity for people
to pass themselves off as someone else.
These people can be real or imaginative. Since I was blind and let myself trust
an unknown person, the results of this trust is that
the scammer now knows where I live and stalks my children. Someone hacked into my bestfriends
instant messenger.I thought that, that person
was my friend amd recently I moved to a
different house. I gave my new adress thinking that
it was my friend. Later I called my friend to see if
she understood the directions. She said she didn't get them and that she has been recently scammed by a scammer. I have just given my address to someone I don't know
I felt scared, stupid, and unsafe. I wondered if this man or woman would stalk my famikly and I or rob our house. I felt unsafe, it was the reason why I moved to that area to be safe. I should have told my freind to check out people first before she adds them.
You should consider setting up a limited user account
At the very least try to do a search on your name, just in case someone's pretending to be you. Profile Page Hacks What is the scam? How did the scam happen? What are the results of the scam? How did I feel? What should you do to prevent it from happening again This scam is when criminals hack your profile page and create their own phony profiles. All they need is your username and password. I trusted a person with my username
and password.This person was the only person that I told. She used my profile page and launched a cyber-bullying attackl towards me. She repeatedly vandalize my site with bad comments. The results of this scam is that I committed
suicide. I felt really stupuid for trusting anyone with
my password and username without complete the
trust that should be there to give out such information. I should not only have astrong password but
have a new one often.
I should have not had second thoughts about
trusting this person.
I should have kept my username and password to
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