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Jasmine and Raye's Magic Muscles!!!

Come to see how your "Magic" muscles work.

jasmine grywacheski

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Jasmine and Raye's Magic Muscles!!!

M Here is a song about MUSCLES. Biceps Function - The function of the bicep is to flex the elbow and rotate or move the forearm.
Developing Muscle Strength - Chin Ups, push-ups, and bringing your arms behind you, putting one hand inside the other and raise your arms.
Location- The biceps are located in the upper arm between the shoulder and the elbow.
Flexibility- Curling weights, bringing your arms behind you, putting one hand inside the other and raise your arms, and bringing you arm over your head and pushing your elbow. Quadriceps Pectoral a G I c M u s C L E s Thanks To: Static Stretching Dynamic Stretching Passive Stretching Active Stretching Static Stretching
is a stretch for the body
that stretches a certain body
part, and stays in that position
for a certain time. Dynamic Stretching is very active
stretching and is a method to
stretch muscles before
a workout or a race Passive stretching is used to stretch injured muscles and is also used for a cool down after a workout or race. Active stretching is when you hold a stretch using only your muscles. The Four Muscles We Chose Were... Sternocleidomastoid Pectoral Biceps Quadriceps Where is the Pectoral ? Where are the Biceps? Where are the Quadriceps? Where is the Sternocleidomastoid? A B C D Here is a strange muscle video Answer: C Answer : B Answer: D Answer: A 1. What is one stretch for your Pectoral? A) Push-ups
B) Lunges
C) Squats 2. What is the location of the Quadriceps? A) Upper arm
B) Upper thigh
C) Foot B) Flexes the neck, Extends the head and Rotates the head A) Flexes thigh, extends leg and moves leg toward the midline. 3. What is the function of the Sternocleidomastoid? 4. What is a stretch for your biceps? A) Lunges
B) Frog hops
C) Chin-ups Biceps



Sternocleidomastoid Match The Muscles To The Picture Sternocleidomastoid Function - Flexes the neck, Extends the head and Rotates the head.
Developing Muscle Strength and Flexibility - Tilt head down and move head from ear to ear, Tilt head backwards and move from ear to ear, turn your head slightly to the side and and bring your nose to your chest.
Location - The sternocleidomastoid is located on the sides of the neck. Function - The minor pectoral lowers shoulder blades and the major pectoral flexes, rotates and moves arm toward the midline
Developing Muscle Strength - Lifting weights, Push- ups, Bring your arms behind you, putting one hand inside the other and raise your arms
Location - The pectoral is located in the chest.
Flexibility- Stand facing a corner and put your palms and forearms on the wall (step forward and backward to stretch it), have towel in both hands behind your back and pull tight and lift up, and lifting weights Function - Flexes thigh, extends leg and moves leg toward the midline.
Developing Muscle Strength - Sit Squats, Frog hops and lunges.
Location - The quadriceps are located in the upper thigh.
Flexibility - Leg swings, putting your leg on a high surface and touching your toes, and holding your leg to your BUTT. legarmlaughbigpodjsjasjdnhellopersonlonge learneducationpectoralsquatsflexesh allpaldjfootchinupsrotatebubblequappyxhpretty hsisnvkettlemansupperlivequeenajdndjprincessd fantasticsternocleidomastoidclaydfox heldbicepsd jxdjhhj needmhsdquadricepstlep hyuhdizebranxjsfnfcjepordy isatjasgoodsillypetty encouragdejsh Find the words: Sternoclidomastoid Biceps Quadriceps Pectoral Q u I Z First Up... NEXT... THEN... FINALLY... 1. http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-static-stretching.htm
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16. http://www.physioadvisor.com.au/8281050/quad-stretches-quadriceps-stretch-physioadviso.htm By, J a s M I n e + R a Y e I A L m O s t F o R g o T How would you guys like a... Q U I Z !!! RAISE YOUR HANDS PLEASE... OR ELSE THE END RaYe JaSMinE By,
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