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karma- full story- edition 2

No description

emilly winstead

on 2 March 2011

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Transcript of karma- full story- edition 2

The Fundamental And Universal Law Of Cause And Affect. This is a story of my after life. The mistakes I made. The pain I caused. How I died. Where I am going to end up in the end. My great tall-tell starts here. My name is Divya. I was born in India but moved to America when I was 6. I loved my family. I told them I needed help. Back then I had a really bad temper. I never once got that help, so one day I just stoped caring. We were in a car, me and my sister, Eva. I wanted to crash in the snow. I wanted to crash in the snow. Make it look like an accident. But it took a bad turn. It is why Eva lived and I died. This is my parents side. My father, always on my side. My mother always so ....optamistic. My dad I should have seen how much he loved me. But my mother is right. My karma..... it is mostly bad. I will be re-born. Sometimes I think being re-born as an animal would be better than my fate. I am really hoping my good karma keeps me from becoming an angry ghost or demon, they never find peace. My good kama is not enough for me to be re-born as a human, they have the most free will, I will not be re-born as a goddess, they don't live forever but they do live longer then humans. My dad was right I did chose my own path and now I must face that alone. My mom and dad will not be there to hold my hand through it. If only I could have a second chance. To see what life could have been. But life does not work that way. I am damed. Never to reach enlightment. Never to merge with Braham. I don't want to be re-born into the relm of waring gods. Lets see how my reincarnation could have been. If I have had good karma durning my human life. This is a story of my other after life. I worked in soup kitchens.
I helped around the house. I cooked and cleaned when my mother was not home. When ever I am not at work I take care of my sister and baby brother. One day I was driving home from work. It was snowing really bad. I did not see the tree. That tree is the reason I died at the age of 17. I loved my parents. I did not want to die. I had good karma. They say that in the Vajrayana Scriptures there are references to groups of indivduals being born together lifetime after lifetime. Maybe I will see them agine one day soon. I wish that is how my life turned out to be. I wish I would have remebered those famous quotes. "The past is gone,the future is yet to be:All we have is the present." Padma Kuppa "Engage yourself in the living present. The future will take care of itself." Ramana Maharishi. Listen to my story. Learn from my mistakes. Else you could end up like me. With your next life being danmed. "She's going to hell." "Darling, no she is not." "Then she is going to the relm of the titans." "Our baby girl is not going to hell or the relm of the Titans, and before you say something else let me say this: we made a mistake with her, we should have gotten her help, but she chose her path. I am just hoping her good karma out-weighs her bad. The great things I done. The love I showed. My name is Divya. Karma HHHH Since I had good karma, I will be re-born as a human or even as a goddess.(God if your a guy reading my story. You know if you have good karma.) The end! I was in one of my moods agine. Aka: the relm of warring gods. No its not as fun as it sounds. Actually it is much worse then it sounds. Who wants to always be at war? Aka: The spirit. Braham is everything, its inside everything we touch.....everything we see. Braham is even within us, just a little peice of it. When we die we want to become one with Braham, to fullfill peace, to reach enlightment. When someone reaches enlightment they are no longer going to be re-born. I got help in this alternate reality. I was taking pills to help calm my anger. Thus I didn't make as many mistakes. I helped people who did not have the resources to chose the right path. "End? No, the journey doesn't end here. Death is just another path, one we must all take. The grey rain-curtain of this world rolls back, and all turns to silver glass.... and then you see it." Tolkiens Gandolf. Hinduism
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