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Pringles Logo

project for intro to business

Elly Griffin

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Pringles Logo

History of Pringles Pringles were invented and first sold in 1968 in USA, but they were not sold across America till mid - 1970s.

They were invented by Alexander Liepa and are sold by the company Procter & Gamble.

The name "Pringles" was chosen from a Cincinnati telephone book.

P&G wanted to develop a uniform size, texture, taste and packaging that protected the chips from breaking with longer freshness and shelf life. Why did you choose this company? For this project I chose the company Pringles. Bibliography Does the logo represent the company well? Yes, I think the logo represents the company well. I think this because when I see the logo, I personally imagine an old black and white commercial. I imagine a guy with a mustache and bow tie eating the chips and saying how good they are. To me, the logo gives off a friendly vibe and the guy looks happy and cheerful. There's nothing negative about the logo, it's all positive. Consumers' reactions By Elly Griffin Pringles Logo I chose this company because I enjoy their chips and I wondered about why the logo is a guy with a mustache and bow tie. Why do companies use logos? Picture Sources Some reasons why companies use logos are: - to have an image that people would associate their company with
- to catch the consumer's eye
- to make the product more appealing to the consumers http://logos.wikia.com/wiki/Pringles http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pringles Pringles is loved by consumers around the world with sales in more than 140 countries and packaging produced in 37 languages. This shows that people really like the product as well as the logo. People wouldn't buy the product if they didn't like the logo, or if it seems repulsing to them. P&G. "Pringles – Bidding Farewell to a P&G Original." P&G. P&G, 21 May 2012. Web. 13 May 2013. <http://news.pg.com/blog/heritage/pringles-%E2%80%93-bidding-farewell-pg-original>. This article passes the CRAP test because it was written last year and it written by the company that owns Pringles, making them reliable and credible. It has facts and is not biased.

"The Pringles History." Oxbridgewriters. Oxbridgewriters, n.d. Web. 13 May 2013. <http://www.oxbridgewriters.com/essays/english-literature/the-pringles-history.php>. This passes the CRAP test because the website is updated frequently, the authors are from Oxford and Cambridge writers (oxbridge) which also makes them credible. The article is also about facts and is not biased.
http://lisaburks.typepad.com/gravehunting/2008/06/ashes-of-pringl.html The man with the mustache on the Pringles cans is named Julius Pringles More About the Logo The logo has changed a total of 7 times. I think that they have changed it over and over so
that it can have a more modern and appealing look.
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