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No description

Monica Touch

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of Business

By: Chase Agnew, Maria Briseno, Meagen Byrd, Emma Carlson, Jesus Cruz, Abby Davison, Monica Touch
We will be a C-Corp
Form of Business Ownership
Mission Statement: Our goal is to make everyone feel comfortable and beautiful with themselves no matter their gender.
Vision & Mission statements
SWOT Analysis Part 1
We plan for our first location to be set in Portland Oregon. Portland Oregon is a place for innovators, free spirits, and those that walk to their own beat. It’s also a cradle for newborn businesses looking for a piece of that unique target market. As of 2013 there were 609,456 people residing in Portland, 300,562 were male.

Macroenvironmental scan
Malebelline will have a location in Portland with in-store services.
We will provide a wide range of mens products including...
Tinted Moisturizer
Eyebrow Gel/Eyebrow Pencils
Shaving Supplies
Teeth Whitening Supplies
Lip Balms
Eye Cream/Sunscreen

Products/services produced
There is not much competition in the Portland, Oregon area for men's beauty products. Sephora is the main competition with a small selection of men's products. Sephora has three store locations in Portland plus online ordering services.
The advantages that Malebelline posses are...
Men are our target audience while Sephora's target audience is women. Men will not be overlooked when they come into our shop like they might be at Sephora.
We provide a wide selection of products for men while Sephora only provides a limited amount.
We have a unique formula for all of our products.
We plan to sponsor community events like fun runs to promote men's health, specifically testicular cancer.

Competitive Advantage
Vision Statement: We hope to expand our business throughout the country first. In doing so we will hopefully start a new movement where men can start to feel more comfortable with their feminine side.
Management Team
S: There is a huge transgender demographic and our product might help some confused men feel better about themselves. Some men also just want to look nice and our product could help them do that.
Human Resources
SWOT Analysis Part 2
Start up capital
Marketing plan
Macroenvironmental scan continued
In Portland, the median resident age is 36 years old and the median household income is $52,158. 72.7% of the population in Portland is white, 9.5% Hispanic, 6.9% Asian, and 5.8% black. Of people 25 years old or higher, 91.8% have an education of high school or higher, 44.6% have a bachelor's degree or higher, 18.3% have a graduate or professional degree, and 8.9% are unemployed.
W: Some people are very intent on keeping a masculine image of themselves. And other people can sometimes be a little bit conservative and might view or business as something evil.
O: We will have a lot of opportunities to team up with famous individuals or groups. For instance a popular show titled "Ru Paul's Drag Race" could certainly use our product or endorse it. Some famous men like Russell Brand (who wears makeup) could endorse our product too
T: Our most major threat is conservative males who would look down on what we do as something that is immoral or a sin. These kinds of people could really hurt our business because unfortunately their are a lot. Another threat is the possibility that our demographic doesn't want to wear makeup.
Work Source
We will hire 18 total employees
Job listing will be posted online on:
We will look for younger enthusiastic people in the Portland area who have had experience in retail or cosmetics
Benefits include:
Vacation (2 weeks) for the first year
Sick leave
Health, Dental, and Vision insurance
Business Footprint
We will be located by the Woodburn Premium Outlets in Portland, Oregon
We plan to staff 18 full time employees. First of all, we will require sales staff. Sales staff will handle selling products and will also take on janitorial tasks, which includes routine cleaning and maintenance. We will have 3 Cashiers, 3 Sales Representatives, 3 Cosmetologists, and one Store Manager on the ground floor. Above we will require a CEO, an Executive Director Human Resources, a CFO, 2 Executive Directors of Marketing, 2 Research and Development Executive, and a Legal Adviser.
Our customers will be coming from Portland, Vancouver, and other surrounding cities and states
We will also host a job fair at a the mall located at the Woodburn Premium Outlets to physically meet potential applicants
Start up capital $200,000
Facility rental
Staff pay
Secondary market: M
en aged 25 to 33 years old with an income of $30,000-$70,000 a year who will be interested in improving their appearance and willing to try something new.
Tertiary market: M
en aged 34-42 years old with an annual income of $30,000-$75,000 that are adventurous and relatively brave with concern for their appearance.
Primary market
: Men ages 17 to 24 years of age with an income of $0-$65,000 a year that are open and welcoming to change.
Limited Liability
More investment money
Attracting talented employees
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