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And Still We Rise by: Miles Corwin

No description

Jessica Celis

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of And Still We Rise by: Miles Corwin

By: Miles Corwin And Still We Rise What are the names of the characters introduced in the first eight chapters ? Which character stands out the most to you? What can you learn from one of the characters
introduced in the first eight chapters? * Something I have learned from Olivia is to not give up on your dream. Although there can be many obstacles in your way, there will always be a way to go through them. After all those beatings she received from her mother and going from foster homes to foster homes, she still managed to go to school and find a job to try and support herself. * Why did Corwin write this book? What is Corwin's purpose in writing this book? Who is Miles Corwin?
*Miles Corwin is a reporter for the Los Angeles times who spent a school year at Crensahw High SChool with twelve gifted students.* *The names of the characters introduced
in the first eight chapters of And Still We Rise
*Olivia *Miesha
*Sadikifu *Mama Moultrie
*Toya *Toni Little
*Venola *Sabreen * A character that really stands out to me the most in chapters 1-8 is Olivia. She had a rough childhood that physically and emotionally damaged her. Her mother would always beat her as a little girl for many years until she couldn't take it anymore. She later ran away from home and went to foster homes. After everything she went through her childhood, she had trouble trusting anyone around her.* Which character had the most support from a family member and how? *Miles Corwin wrote And Still We Rise to enlighten the lives that the children lived. The high school students were all going through rough times but they were all very gifted.* *Miles purpose while writing And Still We Rise was to express to readers what these children had been through when growing up and all the obstacles standing in their way and how they overcome them. He wanted to write a book about students who grew up in Central LA and who had rough childhoods and hekp them find personal success in their Advanced Placement classes.* *In my opinion, Miesha had her brothers support which helped her a lot. Her mother worked lots of hours so her older brother, Raymond would help her out with homework and would take her to school when she was younger. Although he moved out later, they still kept in touch and she really loved and listened to him. Miesha may not be the nicest girl, in fact she is pretty tough, she still loved school and always did great on her essays and homework. She is very smart!*
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