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Common Arab Stereotypes

No description

Sami Saleh

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Common Arab Stereotypes

#1 Not all Arabs wear turbans
Many people believe that Arabs for the most part wear turbans while in fact it is mainly sikhs
#3 Are all arabs terrorist?
No however, most people often associate arabs/muslims to be affiliated terrorism. Study from Washington university has shown that its the way the united states media portrays arab is the cause for this stereotypes
#4 we all have accents
it is true that many arabs have accents but that is mainly due to the pronunciation of words in arabic for example mainly arabs pronounce the word Pepsi wrong arabs more often then not pronounce it as bepsi
#6 Olive oil
The soil in the Middle east couldn't really accommodate much growth. However, olives were able to grow with out a problem in the rocky soil leading into the Middle east being a major olive oil industry
#5 Coffee & Tea?
Most arab females mainly claim they can tell the future from drinking turkish coffee and then flipping the cup over to read the residue left over.
#2 Camels?
why am I tell you this? there has been multiple of times which people have asked me if I ride camels to school
Arab Fun Facts
Not all arabs ride camels to travel to places and nor do I have a pet camel
#7 Middle East a desert?
one of the thing lots of people assume due to the deserts in the middle east is that we all live in huts in the sand like nomads.
#8 The pyramids
If you are Egyptian and live in Cairo it is without a doubt that you have probably seen the pyramids just from driving around in zamalek and fun little fact there are over 50 pyramids not only the ones in Giza that are famous.
#9 Jordanians
Most people know about the crisis with the Israelis and Palestinians. What most people don't know is that most Palestinians fled to Jordan making up 95% of the population
#10 Arab Priests?
In islam we do have an equivalent of priest they are called sheikhs and we pray in mosques
Work cited
"Stereotypes of Arabs and Muslims in the United States." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 30 Nov. 2014. Web. 1 Dec. 2014.
"Arab Stereotypes in Western Media." // Arab Stereotypes In Western Media // Arab Media Lab //. Web. 1 Dec. 2014.
Tea is perhaps the most popular drink in the Middle East
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