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Sculpture Portfolio

No description

Emilee Johns

on 13 January 2016

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Transcript of Sculpture Portfolio

Sculpture Portfolio
Wire Sculpture
"The Flag of America"
Medium: wire, beads, and tissue paper
Elizabeth and I made the shape of the flag with thick wire. For the stripes we stringed beads on thin wire. We also made the stars out of thin wire.
We had some trouble with getting the flag to stand up so that is why it is lopsided
"The Tin Cupcake"
Mediums: Aluminum foil and hot glue
sculpted every part of the cupcake out of tin foil.
Some parts are thinner than others
Coil Pot
"The Braided Pot"
Medium: clay
I used the coil technique to make the coils
on 2 of the coils I braided them.
Junk Sculpture
"Miranda's Crown"
Mixed media sculpture
Mediums: pop bottle, beads, foam hearts, and a shoe box
My group cut the pop bottle to make the base of the crown and then glued the beads around the whole crown. the shoe box we used for the base for the crown.
Wooden Sculpture
"The Wooden House"
Medium: 13 pieces of wood and wood glue
tried to find pieces that would go together in one cohesive piece
Clay Slabs
"Sun Flower Slab"
Medium: Clay
I used the slab technique
then scraped off some off the clay
Paper Sculpture
"Paper Swirls"
Medium: White and Black construction paper and hot glue
I cut the white paper in strips and the twisted the strips around the pencil to make the curls.
"The Handshake"
Medium: plaster and paint
Elizabeth wrapped my hands in plaster in the shape that I wanted it
Afterward I glued the two hands together then painted them
Aluminum Foil
By: Emilee Johns
Abstract Clay Figure
"The Abstract Ballerina"
Mediums: Clay
Used the coil and slab techniques to make my ballerina
had some difficulties making my first idea so I switched my idea to make the ballerina stay
Edgar Degas
Known for his art mostly being dancers
Known for for his work in painting, sculpture, printmaking and drawing
very good at showing movement in his pieces
On of my favorite pieces
Degas thought that Marie, the dancer, showed perfect qualities of a young ballerina
A Message to Mr. Krauss
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