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Digital Scrapbook by Ankita Dubey

Use this fun digital scrapbook template from Prezi to capture and share your life events.

Ankita Dubey

on 12 May 2013

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Transcript of Digital Scrapbook by Ankita Dubey

Dress up your Scrapbook with these fun extras! Stickers Scraps Other Materials pssstt...
you can crop these! (right click on any object to "Add My Collection," for use in other prezis.) (And don't forget to delete this white frame when you're done) FRIENDS FOR LIFE " " A frnd is a gift u give to urself "We laughed until wE cried "WEW " " U ME AUR HUM FRIENDS SO sweet <3 LOL....ha ha ha.. Sharing laugh :D WE two have been together for almost 4 yrs nw...i have seen u growing..nd have shared some of the most wonderful memories of dese 4yrs ..wll miss all. those things tht u have tought me..nd wht i hav learnt frm u...
Friends r hard to find,,,,in a lifetime u get only few..nd when u find them u know tht u have been blessed to know them POOJA U have been there wid me since my first day in cllg,it seems i ws lucky on my vry first day ...:)
it takes months to find a true frnd..but AKGEC game me u as my welcome gift :D
i have nvr thought twice before talking to u,,bcoz i knw tht u wll nvr judge me by my stupid talks ..nd wll alwz love me for who i m nd wll make me feel worth evrythng ANUPAMA I m glad Friendship does not comes wid a price tag attachd to it,otherwise i would nt have been able to afford u,,keeping my(kanjoos) characteristics in mind...:P
From the day we first met in college to present, when we still long to see each other!
If I had a story to tell to the world our crazy friendship would be the one! You are my most adorable pretty angel. RITIKA Cllg wud have been so boring without u ....u have alwz been thr to advice me,nd help me out..but it ws ur support tht counted d most,..u hav laughed on my jokes,nd d best 1 of all told me tht "I dnt luk fat"...
For me u r like a star..altought not visible evry time,but i knw tht u r thr 4 me :)in my gud nd bad times AKANKSHA Often so late ,,but yes i ws blessed to meet u..
to admit :- yes i was bowled away by ur boldness...nd stilll i m..
we have shared laugh together,said shit things nd thn laugh over it...u nvr get tired of listening to my pointless drama again nd again ...we share d same junk food...nd wnt to share d same gud old time spent together HIMANSHI MY GALFRNDS STAR parivaar * WE laughes until we cried Y Dosti hum nahi todenge :D Happy go Lucky :D BEST click BY ANKI
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