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FDR for Mashavu

Tara Sulewski

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of FDR

Bio Engineering
Devices Kiosk Design Integration Clinical Experience Website Concept of Operations User Experience Education
Business and Marketing Systemic Assessment English 202C & Concept of Operations:
Rene’ Ruggiero
Harold Dunn
Rebecca Mendenhall
Jessica Wilcox
Technical Integration:
Alexandra Cortese
Lauren Moore
Mike Plavchak
Maya Agyei-Owusu
Technical Definition and Description
Literature Reviews
Recommendation Reports
Instruction Manuals
Users: Kiosk Operator: Dr:
Evaluated each sub-system of Mashavu

Provided feedback and suggestions

Outlined ideas for Instant Gratification
1. User Experience Surveys about Mashavu for on the ground in Kenya
2. In depth Social Science Survey
Progress: Future Plans: Build bonds with local champions

Determine what defines FUN for Kenyans

Make everyone excited about Mashavu!
New Customer: Closed Loop Concept of Operations A Special Thank you to:

Dr. Carol Reife
Dr. Ross Reife
Dr. Susan Burriss
Dr. Andrew C. Majewski Improvements made "Mashavu in a Box" Success: biomedical devices working with Labview Kiosk operator able to operate Mashavu with minimal difficulty BioDevices + Kiosk = Full Integration Goals:
Optimize the efficiency of Experience Improve the clinical experience for all stakeholders
Deliverables: Final set of clinical questions
Process Documentation
Implementation Plan
Success: Patients satisfied and comfortable with encounter
Kiosk operators have a thorough understanding of the questions and encounter
Doctors feel confident in the data they receive
Why Mashavu works... or why it doesn't. Assessment Design Process: Laundry list of metrics Qualitative Data Mashavu SS IRB Quantitative Data Bio Devices IRB On the ground Assessment Patient Interviews &
Focus Groups ____% internet connectivity ____% user satisfaction ____ amount of time spent on average to complete Mashavu clinical procedure Patients: Adult Weighing Scale
Sensor: Strain Gage
Cost: $21.26
Baby Weighing Scale
Sensor: Strain Gage
Cost: $20.73
Sensor: Integrated Pressure Sensor
Cost: $20.20
Sensor: commercial-off-the-shelf dual
stethoscope head joined with electret
microphone sensor
Cost: $9.73
Spirometer Calibration
Sensor: Infrared Sensor
Cost: $43.16
Sensor: Thermistor
Cost: $7.12
Sensor: Differential Pressure Sensor
Cost: $49.88 Pulse Oximeter
Sensor: Photodiode
Cost: $7.43 Development Plan:
-Business Model Products, Services, and Assurance Recruitment and Payment Service Financial Factors: Cost of Mashavu Kiosk: Ksh 16,000 Assume: 120 patients each month earn Ksh 4,800 per month pays Ksh 600 per month to Mashavu Return on Investment: less than 4 months Development plan validation: Will it actually work? Are they willing to purchase Mashavu
Kiosks and donate? What's the cost of maitenance? Is Ksh 25 a sufficient incentive? How many patients can we expect
to service each day? How much are they willig to pay? Products and Information Corporations Government Entities Spreading the dream to potential partners NGOs At the end of 3 weeks in Kenya... A business model, combining
humanitarian need and market need Difficult with Attachments Limited Adaptability Lack of Support 2009 Solution: iPath Explored Solutions Essential Flow of Data Operator sends patient data to wordpress Doctor sends feedback to kiosk Wordpress
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