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No description

nathan heffley

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of chile

Historic Sites Chile De La Puerta Inca Palace Copiapo Cathedral It is located 40km southeast
from Tierra Amarilla. Built in the 19th century. Food Congrio Frito Marisical Piure Cold soup with raw seafood. Fried conger eel, delicious Sea squirts that are a dark red color. Accommodations This is the Buen Vista Apart Hotel.
It goes for about $90 per person. This is the Grand Hyatt Hotel.
It goes for about $321 per person. This is the Neruda Hotel.
It goes for about $97 per person. Arts and Culture Chile is mostly a
homogeneal society Chile has many festivals.
Holidays almost always have dancing. Chile most popular music is folk music Many famous artists live in Chile. Outdoor recreation People come from all over the world just to wind surf! People also come to ski white water kayaking is the most hazardous sport in chile.
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