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New Zealand

No description

Aidra Kosiorek

on 1 June 2010

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Transcript of New Zealand

New Zealand !!!!!!! The population of New Zealand increases by 1 person every 11 min. and 47 seconds. The current population is 4,312,418. The average temperature in the
north is 15 degrees celcius and in
south it is about 9 degrees celcius.
Jan. and Feb are the warmest months
while July is the coldest.
New Zealand is divided into two
parts. The South Island and the North
Island. One of the main foods in
New Zealand is kiwi (the fruit).
The stars on the flag represent the
constellation of Crux. The colors of
the flag are blue, red and white. They
are identical to the colors of the
American flag. The national flower of New
Zealand is called the gardenstarenak.
Some religions of New Zealand
are Anglican, Roman Catholic,
Presbyterian, Methodist, Pentecostal,
Baptist and Christian.
Currency The most poular sport in New Zealand
is rugby onion. There are other sports
such as cricket and netball. This is the national bird of New Zealand. It is called the kiwi bird. It is illegal to shoot them. Some of the exports are fishery,
foresty, agriculture and horticulture. Most of the animals in New Zealand
are birds. Some of the names
of the birds are Riroriro, Wood Pigeon, Morepork, Kea, Bellbird, Tui, Kaka, Kokako, Kotuku
and Fantail.There are also many
flightless birds such as the Kiwi, Weka,
Kakapo, Pukeko and Takehe. Most of
the names of birds are in the language of Maori. The capital of New Zealand is
called Welligton. It is located in the northern half of New Zealand called the North Island. New Zealand imports sheep and cattle as well as fruit, dairy and timber. Import The languages spoken are
Maori, sign language and
English. The currency is called the New Zealand dollar.
It is abbreviated as NZ$1. The NZ$1 coin has a
picture of the kiwi bird on it.

Railways : 19,036 km
Airports: 121
Roads: 4,128 km Sources

www.wikipedia.com Current Events:

Actress Gemma Arterton revealed
that her costumes for movies are
worth more than her house!

Sri Lanka beat New Zealand in the
international game of cricket!

Emma Campbell, a christchurch
woman is missing! Her car was found
off the bank on May 1st. Age Structure

0 -14 years = 20.8% ( female 417,698/male 437,547
15 - 64 years = 67.3% ( male 1,393,057/female 1,378,358
65 years and over = 11.9% ( male 214,189/female 274,92
Literacy Rate

99% age 15 and over can read. The percentage is tthe same for both men
and women.

New Zealand is known for
it's meat, seafood and mutton chops.


Life expentancy is 78.33 for males
and 82.25 for females. The clothing for
women is usually
a long dress with
colors and designs. The men's
clothing is long, tight
pants with a white shirt, coat
and brown or black shoes. Traditions Some traditions are:

Haka: a war dance performed
before rugby matches.

Hangi: meat and vegetables cooked
by burying them in the ground with a
fire on top.

Mid-winter Swim: people swim in the
middle of winter wearing silly costumes.

Pavlova: a traditional but not Maori

Holidays Some holidays are:

Jan. 1-2 = New Years

Feb. 6 = Waitangi Day

Mar./Apr. = Easter Long Weekend

Apr. 25 = ANZAC Day

Early June = Queen's B-day

Late Oct. = Labour Day

Dec. 25 - 26 = Christmas

In New Zealand two-parent
families are most common. Each family has
2 to 3 children. Trains, Cars, Taxis, Airplanes,
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