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Archetypes Within a Movie: Hercules

No description

Noelle Pagsanjan

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of Archetypes Within a Movie: Hercules

Archetypes Within a Movie: Hercules (Disney)
Character Archetypes
Situation Archetypes
The Hero- Hercules
Damsel in Distress- Meg
Mentor- Philoctetes aka Phil
The not so useful sidekick- Pain and Panic
Hercules is the son of Zeus and Hera but was taken away by evil minions who also caused him to lose his immortality. In order to regain his ability to live forever with the Gods, he is faced with the task of becoming a "true hero."
Hercules trains under the eye of Phil, his mentor. After mastering his power of superhuman strength, Hercules is prepared to fight anything that stands in his way.
Although defeating a good amount of monsters wasn't enough, Hercules regains his immortality by ultimately sacrificing himself for someone else, which makes Hercules a true hero.

In the beginning of the movie, Hercules is found wearing white whic symbolizes his innocence and purity. It also represents his fight against evil, since Hades, the bad guy, is always wearing white.
Meg, a woman who owes her soul to Hades, is the love interest of our hero. She is always found getting herself into situations where she needs saving. For example, the time she needed to be saved from the centaur.
Phil is a retired trainer of heroes. When Hercules first finds Phil, he refused to have anything to do with him, but as the movie progressed Phil caves in and trains Hercules to harness his strength and be a hero. Phil imparts all his knowledge of being a successful hero to Hercules, making him the mentor figure in the story.
In movies and shows there is often the sidekick that is no help or messes up a lot. Pain and Panic are Hades minions and they aren't very smart but they ultimately start the action of the movie when they screw up the disposal of Hercules's superhuman strength.
Devil Figure "The Bad Guy"- Hades
Hades, the God of the underworld, want to get rid of Hercules. He wears black all the time, symbolizing his opposition of the idea of good.
Hades is also the Devil Figure because he bargains with Hercules, Meg's return for Hercules's life. He positions Hercules with a tough but is the reason why our hero fulfills his task of becoming a true hero.
The Task
The Fall
The Battle: Good vs. Evil
The task in this movie is for Hercules to regain his immortality. He needs to successfully fulfill his duty as a hero to complete this task.
The fall is when a character experiences a low point, often this takes place when heroes lose their super power.
Hercules does experience a low point when he is told by Zeus that slaying the Hydra was not enough. Hercules's depression is aided by Meg's love though.
The battle between good and evil is evident throughout the movie. Its the battle between Hades and Hercules. Hades's ultimate goal is to destroy the Gods and take over but Hercules is the only thing that stands in his way. Hercules fights for the Gods, making him good and Hades is the force that opposes them.
The theme of Good vs. Evil is evident throughout Hercules, the movie.
These two pictures depict Mt. Olympus, where the Gods lay and The Underworld where Hades resides.

The Gods are from Mt.Olympus, these Gods are loved by all and represent the Good in our conflict. It is evident that they are the good forces because their home is in the sky, showing that they are praised since their technically in the heavens. It is also lavished with bright color, predominantly white, and has a sort of whimsical effect being built from clouds.

Hades's home, the Underworld is completely different though. The Underworld is colored black, a color usually associated with death and evil. Also the main piece is shaped like a skull, also pertains to the idea of death.
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