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Having Study Hall: The Benefits

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Marina Malyarenko

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Having Study Hall: The Benefits

Having Study Hall: The Benefits

The Issue and its Solution
Students aren't getting their homework done
People's grades are going down
Subjects aren't being understood well enough
How Study Hall Would Work
Smith Students Think...
Take 3 minutes out of lunches and 2 minutes out of all 6 hrs.
Take 5 minutes before lunch and 5 minutes after lunch
3 study halls for 3 separate lunches: A, B, & C
What Cantwell Sacred Heart of Mary High School Did
"CSHM High School also has an athletic study hall." ("Homework Study Hall" 2014)
"classroom teachers are limited to assigning 20-30 minutes of homework each night, or 40-60 minutes for two-day assignments." ("Homework Study Hall " 2014)
The Benefits
"'our honor roll went from 32 percent of the student body to more than 50 percent.'" ("Homework Study Hall" 2014)
"The average GPA increased immediately by almost half of a grade point" ("Homework Study Hall" 2014)
"'Our teachers are very happy with the program'" ("Homework Study Hall" 2014)
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