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Wedding Project

No description

Hannah Cook

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Wedding Project

Wedding Project

Wedding Party
The Best man:Matt Gonzalez
Maid of Honor: Jordyn Cook
Groomsmen: Troy Tulowitzki, Nolan Arenado, Nick Hundley, Hunter Cook, Alex Bryan
Bridesmaid: Leticia Oliva, Hailey Hinson, Carly Steven, Emily Fitt, Mariah Carper
Ring Bearer: Jonah Butler
Flower girl: Carly Serrano
Ushers: David Nelson and Charles Foster
Candle Lighters: Mike Brown and Nelson Barnes
Guest Book: Gary Grey
Programs: Cooper Wright
Brides Rings
Engagement Ring, $13,800 Tiffany & Co
Introduction of the Wedding

Hannah Cook & Carlos Gonzalez
June 15, 2015
Location: Jumby Bay Resort, Antigua
Reception: Jumby Bay Estate House
Officiant: Jonah Hill
Carlos Gonzales age 29 Professional Baseball Player
Hannah Cook age 25 Nurse

Grooms Rings
$1,300 Tiffany & Co
Brides Gown
Female Attire
Engagement Announcement
The engagement announcement will be mailed on cards in February 2015.
They will cost $250 for 100 cards at $2.50 a card. 50 cents for 10 cards an postage $50.
Mr. and Mrs. Cook of Windsor, Colorado announce the engagement of their daughter, Hannah Cook to the Son of David and Carly of Venezuela. Hannah is a recent graduate of the University of Northern Colorado and is now working full time at North Valley hospital.
Wedding Ring, $2,125
Tiffany & Co
Male Attire

The parents of the brides family will pay for the dress. It will be purchased at d'Anelli Bridals in Lakewood, Colorado. It will cost $2,190

Bridesmaid dresses:
Cost: $159.00 x5
Parents of the Bride will pay.

Flower girl:
Cost: $89.00
Parents of the Bride will pay.

Mothers Dress:
Mother of the Bride will pay.

Grooms Mother Dress:
Cost: $168.00
Mother of the Groom will pay.

TOTAL COST: $1,211.00

Groom Suit:
Groom will pay for the suit.
Cost: $200.00 rental
Groomsmen Suit:
Grooms family will pay for suit.
Cost: $200.00 rental x5
Ring Bearer suit:
Grooms family will pay for the suit.
Brides father Suit:
Brides father will pay for suit.
Cost: $200.00 rental
Grooms father suit
Grooms father will pay for the suit.
Cost: $200.00 rental

TOTAL COST: $1,710

The ceremony will be held at the Jumby Bay Resort beach.
4:00pm It will start
Wedding Program

My Program
Our Wedding Ceremony
June 15 ,2015
Seating of the Mothers
Bridal Procession
Opening Prayer
Exchange of vows
Exchange of rings
Pronouncement of Marriage

Parents of the bride: Jen and Matt Cook
Parents of the Groom: Carly and David Gonzalez
Maid of Honor: Jordyn Cook
Bridesmaid: Leticia Oliva, Hailey Hinson, Carly Steven, Emily Fitt, Mariah Carper
Best man: Matt Gonzales
Groomsmen: Troy Tulowitzki, Nolan Arenado, Nick Hundley, Hunter Cook, Alex Bryan
Flower girl: Carly Serrano
Ring bearer: Jonah Butler
Officiant: Jonah Hill
Thank you to our Family and Friends for celebrating this special day with us

Wedding Songs
Prelude: A Thousand Years--Instrumental The Piano Guys
Processional songs:
93 Million Miles Jason Mraz
#34 Dave Matthews Band
Angels Robin Thicke

Bride Entrance- Normal here comes the bride

Wedding Invitation
Hannah Rae Cook
Carlos Gonzalez
Request the Honor of your Presence at their marriage
At 4 o'clock in the Afternoon

A Rosewood Resort P.O. Box 243, St. John's, Antigua
Guest List
Matt and Jen Cook

Jim and Karen Zalesky
Troy and Jonah Butler
Pam and Mark Moskal and kids
Ken and Sharon Cook
Judy and Mark Sturosik and kids
Shelia and Tom Zalesky and kids
Pam Zalesky
Tom Zalesky
Ashlee and Britney Zalesky
Misty Zalesky and Kids
Matt Gonzalez
Jordyn Cook
Troy Tulowitzki
Nolan Arenado
Nick Hundley
Hunter Cook
Alex Bryan
Leticia Oliva
Hailey Hinson
Carly Steven
Emily Fitt,
Mariah Carper
Carly Serrano
David Nelson
Charles Foster
Mike Brown
Nelson Barnes
Gary Grey
Cooper Wright

Around 50 Guests from my side and 50 from his.
I would order 120 invitations
$1.89 per card x120= $227
postage per card 50 cents x 120= $60

Flowers needed for the wedding:
Brides Bouquet: $65
and the grooms parents will pay
Bridesmaid Flowers $57 x5
Bridesmaid will pay
Flowers Cont.
Groom's Flower
$20, Groom will pay
Center Piece
$89.95 x 22 tables for the reception
Parents of the bride will pay
Flowers Cont.

Instead of flowers on each row there will be a starfish
Total Cost of Flowers $2343

Trinity Photography Denver
9 Hours of Photography for $1,590 plus a $795 deposit
The parents of the bride will pay.

Gifts For the Wedding
Bride and Groom will Pay
Guests: Candy filled boxes
100x $3
Bridesmaid Gifts:
5 x $20
Groomsmen Gifts
$35 x 5:

Total Price of gifts: $575

The reception will be on the same beach the wedding ceremony was located. There will be 22 tables on the beach in white cloth with flower center pieces shown on the flower slide. Lanterns will hang from the top of the large tent. The tables will all be under the opened tent and music and dancing by a Local DJ and will be outside the tent on the beach near the ocean.
A Dj Will provide the music and it will be $1,500
Brides Parents will pay
First Dance song: Me And You-Kenny Chesney
List of songs:
I Gotta Feelin' - Black Eyed Peas
2. Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO
3. Let's Get It Started - Black Eyed Peas
4. Beautiful Day - U2
5. Forever - Chris Brown
6. Viva La Vida - Coldplay
7. Give Me Everything - Pitbull
8. Marry You - Bruno Mars
9. Celebration - Kool & The Gang
10. Eye Of The Tiger - Survivor

The cake will cost $2000 and the parents of the bride will pay. This cake will be made by Carlos Bakery in Hoboken, NJ.
Cake Table
Rehearsal Dinner
The rehearsal dinner will be held at the Jumby Bay resort restaurant The Estate House.
Date: June 14, 2015
Time: 7:00pm
Menu: Roasted butternut ravioli with truffle butter, sauteed shrimp with local farm fresh vegetables, and seafood risotto with asparagus
Number of people Attending: 25 People
Total Cost: $75 per person x 25= $1,875
The parents of the groom will pay.

Miscellaneous Items
Cake Cutter: $18.99
Garter: $24.00
Toasting Glasses: $50.00
Unity Candle: $45.00
Brides Book: $30.00
Guest Book: $50.00
Pen: $5.00

Total Cost: $223
The Parents of the Bride will pay.
Gifts for each other
Groom will give the bride:

Bride will give the groom:
Gift Registry

I will register at Target.
Dinnerware: Nova pattern, $50

Flatware: Trillium 20 pc $25

Stemware: Cathys Concept Set of 4 , $49

I plan to open my gifts on my bridal shower, on May 15, 2015 at 2pm
Thank You Notes
150 Cards will be ordered 100 whom attended and extra for people who couldn't attend.
$2.50 x 150=$ $375

Thank You for attending my June Wedding, your attendance will be remember for the rest of our lives. Much Thanks.
The Cards will be sent on June 20th

50 cents x 150= $75for postage
Bridal Shower
I would like to have a home bridal shower with close family and friends.
May 15, 2pm at the Parents of the Bride
Hailey Hinson Jill Person
Leticia Oliva
Daria Peck
Laruen Mcgee
Jennifer Cook
Karen Zaleky
Sharon Cook
Pam Moskal
Jusy Strokuzak
Kenna Davis
Amanda Ward
Parents Involvement
The grooms and the brides parents will both be highly involved in wedding ceremony and the reception. The bride father will walk the groom down the isle. There will be a father daughter dance, a mother son dance. The bridal shower will be thrown by the brides parents. The parents play a large part in all the payment of the wedding so in return they should have parts in the wedding.
Clean up

The clean up for after the wedding will be family members of the bride and groom. They will stay after the wedding after everyone had left and help clean up the reception location. Depending on the Jumby Bay Resort policy will depend on how many people will be necessary for clean up.
I will be traveling from Jumby Bay, Antigua to Fiji. I will be going on a honeymoon for a week. I will leave on June 16, 2015.

One Person at Nukubati Private Island Great Sea Reef - All Inclusive including hotel, food, and flight is a total of $6,006 per person.

The total cost together for two people is $12,012
The couple will pay for the honeymoon.

First Home
It will be located in Scottsdale, AZ.

The total cost $2,190,000.
Total Cost of the Wedding
Groom's Parents Side: $10,685
Bride's Parents Side:$52,195
Bride and Groom : $31,301

Total Cost: $94,181
The Venue will Cost $40,000

22 white table costs: $5.22 per cloth x 22= $114.84
Lanterns to hang above each table: $62 x 22= $1365
The parents of the
bride will pay and it
will cost $1478 plus
flower center piece
it will be $3426.

Menu for the reception
The food for the wedding reception will catered by Verandah at Jumby Bay Resort.
There will be seafood specialties, locally caught and select prime steaks.
$75 per plate x 100 guests: $7500
The Grooms family will pay.

Conclusion response
1. How do goals, values, personality and communication affect marriage?
We two people are going to become one and get married I believe the two individuals should be understanding of one another and know each others goals and aspirations. If you don't know your partners values, later on in the marriage issues could arise and problems can happen that could result in a divorce. People who are getting married, should be best friends. If personalities don't mesh well disagreements occur which could lead to a potential in divorce.
Conclusion Response
2. How do you know a person is worth making a lifetime commitment?
I believe you know a person is worth making a lifetime commitment when you are completely devoted to one another. You have to be completely honest, trustworthy to one another. Love each other unconditionally, even if your partner messes up or enjoys something different from you, you don't care and you still love them anyways. Mutuality is important, your life is not shared with another person and are you okay with sharing your personal belongs with this person for the rest of your life.
Conclusion response
3. The divorce rate is beyond 50%. Give your reasoning as to why & what can be done to keep couples together.
I believe the divorce rate is beyond 50% because people get together for the wrong reasons. A child can be a reason, and accidental pregnancy resulting in a forced marriage can be a reason for divorce later on. Money can be a issue for marriage, a person may marry another to to their financial status and later on in life they realize they are not happy and file for divorce. Couples can come to terms with their issues and try to talk it through, and if nothing helps they can seek the help of a professional with marriage counseling. Another reason is learning each other's love language, and really learning more about your spouse.
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