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Miracle's Boys

No description

Melisa De Leon

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Miracle's Boys

Miracle's Boys
Summary: :0
Miracle's Boys was about three kids that are Ty'ree,Charlie, and Lafayette. They used to go to church with their mother but once she died they stopped going. At twenty-two Ty'ree, the oldest of three brothers, is now taking care for his younger brothers. Lafayette, twelve, still blames himself for not being able to save his mother, who died from an insulin shock and Charlie, fifteen, has just returned from Rahaway Home for Boys where he has been imprisoned for the last two years after being convicted of armed robbery.
Character Anaylzer
Ty'ree-The oldest brother and guardian of his younger two brothers

Charlie- the middle brother he is 15 years old he already served time for robbery

Lafayette-the youngest brother and he feels that he is responsible for his mother dieing because she was in a coma
Word Finder
Smitty- a male given name

Rahaway-city in NE New Jersey

fluorescent-strikingly bright

crinkled-to wrinkle; crimple; ripple

shrink-to cause to shrink or contract

electrified-to excite greatly; thrill

swatted-to hit; slap; smack

Questions and Answers
Why did Miracle save the dog and the woman from drowning in the frozen lake?
Miracle saved the dog and the woman from drowning because he used to save stray dogs and because no one helped them so he just went to save them.
Why doesn't Lafayette play with his friend as much as he used to?
Lafayette doesn't play with him as much as he used to because he ask to many personal questions.
Miracle's Boys
By: Jacqueline Woodson
A.R- 4.3 points-3.0
We think that chapter two is the best chapter because Miracle risk his life to save the lady and her dog that were drowning in a frozen lake and because "Saving dogs is awesome."
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