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Year 10 English Term 1 Week 1 Lesson 2

No description

Liam Brooks

on 2 February 2017

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Transcript of Year 10 English Term 1 Week 1 Lesson 2

5-minute quick write
- Silent, continuous writing.
- Class discussion to follow.

What are short stories?
A story which can be read in one sitting
Less than 10,000 words, but more than 500 words
Often has only one or two settings
A small number of characters
The story spans a short period of time

What should short stories include?
Setting details woven into the text
Development of at least one character through the character’s words, thoughts, and actions and through the words of other characters and/or the writer

A problem/conflict which is developed as the story (plot) progresses
A resolution of that problem/conflict (climax)
A conclusion (what happens after climax)
Snapshots (things for the reader to visualize)
Thoughtshots (characters’ thoughts)
Dialogue (optional)

Exploring short story elements in an ad
Short story structure
introduction of setting, situation and characters. Start of with a ‘sizzling start’. Make sure your orientation is interesting BUT also informative (it must include some backfill)

the events which introduce the conflicts or the problems of the story. This is where ‘tightening tension’ happens.

the highest point of action and conflict! This is the moment where a decision must be made – right before the problem is resolved

the conflict is resolved. You also must close of the story after this which can include some mention of a moral or a message to be taken from what has happened. The end of a short story is often quick, but exciting!

Activity 1: Analsying short story structure in an ad
Working individually.
Use the narrative structure sheet to map the structure of the following three advertisements.

Writing a short story using your quick write from earlier
- Working individually

- Read your quick write, and create dot points on the narrative map to turn it into a short story.

- Write a short story using these dot points from the narrative map.

- We have 20 minutes.

- Class discussion to follow.
Starting with Noredink
- Go to www.noredink.com

- Create an account (write your password down as a note in your phone)

- If you already have an account, then register with our class using the code below.

- Enter our class code : little taffy 45

- Begin the diagnostic test.

- We have until the end of the period to finish it.
Year 10 English: An introduction to short stories
Learning intention:
To define a short story and understand the elements of a short story
Success criteria:
Students will be able to name the elements of a short story and plot a short story on a graph.
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