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Florida State University

By: Tatyana Williamson, Jasmince Castro, and Ashley Torres

Jasmine Castro

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of Florida State University

Extra-Curricular Activities on Campus
FSU gives several extra-curricular activities on campus that does not include the athletic program: That these careers can be one that might be inspired.

# 1: Finance
# 2: Physics
# 3: Business
# 4: Athletic/Training
# 5: Criminal
# 6: Meteorology
# 7: Accounting

Internet Resources:

Application Requirements
Florida State University
FSU is a public school located in Tallahassee, FL. Mailing address is Champions Way 282, 32306. The school mascot is Camarron. An Indian. The school colors are red and gold. The school logo is described as a circle with 3 golden torches with a red background and entangled in ribbon. To find all the information you need you can go to the main website @ www.fsu.edu
FSU Degrees
The freshman enrollment is over 30,000 students.
Total undergraduates:32,171
The yearly tuition for in-state students is $6,512 and the out-of-state students is $21,678
Programs Available
The requirements to get into Florida State University is a
3.8-4.3 GPA
26-30 ACT
1760-1960 SAT
An Essay
Admission requirements
(To Receive your Bachelors)
Programs Available
(To Receive your Masters)
General Requirement
(courses you will take as a freshman)
Area 1 Computation
Area 2 English Computation
Area 3 History/Social Science
Area 4 Humanities/Fine Arts
Area 5 Natural Science
Florida State University

By:Jasmine Castro, Tatyana Williamson, and Ashley Torres
These are the degrees offered at FSU.

Extra-Curricular Activities off Campus
FSU have three extra-curricular activities off campus, this can be interesting to you. Here are some examples:

# 1: Photography

# 2: Dentist

# 3: RN Nurse

Internet Resources:

FSU Sports available in the athletic program for men & woman
FSU has a lot of sports to be active all the time. This is one of these opportunities to do while you are at school. It's interesting how many people just choose not to be active.If it's just excuses, per laziness, or just in general people don't care about there body to exercise. If you are interested in sports make sure you are getting involve with people.

#1: Football
#2: Cross Country
#3: Baseball

#1: Soccer
#2: Softball
#3: Volleyball

Men & Woman both have NCAA Division for all sports.

Internet Resources: www.ncca.com
Fraternities & Sororities
Fraternities & Sororities have each three points of information to give off. This internet resources: www.greekrank.com

#1: Phi Delta Thelta
#2: Zeta Beta Tau
#3: Theta Chi

#1: Alpha Chi Omega
#2: Phi Mu
#3: Zelta Phi Belta
FSU Scholarship available at this school
FSU have scholarships if you want to get one. Their are 2 types of Scholarships that they have in FSU.
They have things that are great about this school. The first one is full-out-of-state tuition wavior.
The second one is partial-out-of-state tuition wavior. They only have this type of scholarship provided in FSU.

Internet Resources: www.admissions.fsu.edu/freshman/.../scholarships.cfm
Masters Programs ( bachelors is mixed in with masters in certain programs ).
There are many programs for the masters degree if you're interested.
American Law for Foreign Lawyers
Applied Economics
Art Education
Art Therapy
Business Administration
Doctoral Programs
Art Education
Biological Sciences
Marriage and Family Therapy
The filing date for fall is January 14Th
The percentage of freshman who enter terms in fall is 35%
Your GED is required. As well as your SAT I or your ACT.
Extra-Curricular Activities on Campus ( not including the athletic program)
Ancient History
Information Studies/Schools Media
A program available to receive your doctoral
Nutrition and Food Science
Meal Plans
Dorm Hall Options
At FSU you will find prices for all different types of Dorm Hall Options. Some of them are:
Bryan suite double with shared baths the coast is $3,145
Salley Sally Suite double with shared bath $2,910
Deviney Community double with floor bath $2,550
In FSU you will find general requirements for all freshman. That may come to you interest in.
At FSU there are some programs available for you to receive your bachelor's degree. Here are some examples:
At FSU you will have requirements to take for your master's degree. An example of requirements to receive you masters degree is :
In FSU their are a variety of programs a to receive your doctoral degree such as :

Their are two meal plans in FSU, that is mandatory and and commuter. Mandatory is for the students who live on the campus. The Commuter are for the students who live off the campus.
3.8-4.3 academic GPA; 26-30 ACT composite; 1760-1960 SAT total
(Because you finished your application,
it does not mean you will be guaranteed
you admission)
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