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Crowd Sourcing your Training

No description

Rachel Doherty

on 26 February 2017

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Transcript of Crowd Sourcing your Training

Crowd Sourcing Your Training
Traditional E-learning requires lots of money and time to create

Because of the explosion in Social Media tools,
L&D could become ‘curators’ of training content than ‘creators’

“There are people out there who are really smart and good at their job and they should share that. If they create the content then we will curate it and make it accessible."
When considering creating an encyclopedia, it seems eminently sensible to hire a team of experts and ask them to research and produce a web-based resource. This will cost substantial time & money and will produce an exellent result
or, of course, you could allow wikipedia to happen!
Perry Timms, head of talent and organisational development at the Big Lottery Fund, said
Dixon challenged their salespeople to share tips for selling laptops, and got 520 video clips in a month,

BT has a YouTube-style portal where staff can post videos, blogs or advice threads.
It launched in 2009 after 78 per cent of employees said they learned most from each other.
Within a year it saved 10 per cent of the formal learning budget.
One in 10 staff now contributes content.
Google Releases “Course Builder”, an Open Source Platform for Building Your Own Big Online Courses

Crowd Sourcing your Training makes sense from the viewpoint of
range of content
availability of training
and .....
The Experiment
Brendan Flanagan gives tips for synchronous training
Francis Sheridan gives tips for a flipped classroom
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