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The Odyssey

No description

Aliyah Stewart

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of The Odyssey

Son Of Odysseus
Happy about the founding of Odysseus.
Finally reunited with his family Odysseus And Penelope The Odyssey Theme Analyzer Telemachus Connecting Penelope Theme is family reuniteding
Penelope doesn't believe the man in tatters is Odysseus
Penelope is testing Odysseus to see if he is the true one Connecting: Finding Nemo

Odysseus and Penelope reunite

Odysseus and Telemachus meet for the first time.

Athena lavishes Odysseus for the feast Summary Odysseus Telemachus sees his mother, Penelope.
Odysseus throws a feast to prove love.
Penelope orders her maid, Eurycleia to make bed.
Penelope finds out it is Odysseus. Vocabulary Aloof Lavished Atone Pliant Academic Vocabulary Thank you for listening to our presentation! Proves himself to Penelope. The protagonist. Has a son Telemachus. Was an old beggar dressed in tattered clothes but now he changed. Failed to let Penelope believing it was him. Husband just got back.
Needs to figure out what she believes
Feels very
confused. Figurative Language Imagery
Blood and rags were all she saw
These tatters, dirt- all that I'm caked with now
She made him taller, massive, and with crispy hair like petals Figurative language Figurative language Symbolism:
The Olive Tree represents Odysseus life. By: Carmen Arzaga-Vega, Alex Vasquez, Mariah Simmons, and Aliyah Stewart Tremulous Connecting Resonate When Odysseus and Penelope reunite.

When Telemachus and Odysseus meet for the first time.

Athena dresses Odysseus for the feast. Formula Irony
Penelope at first can see that the man can be Odysseus but stills questions Conclusion The theme is family reuniting.
You never judge someone by the how they look on the outside
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