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Sharp Alarm Clock Inustructions

No description

Matt Boysen

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Sharp Alarm Clock Inustructions

SHARP Alarm Clock How to Set the Time About Sharp The sharp electronic alarm clock is a great product to help everyone in their everyday life. Whether it be waking up for work or setting an alarm for a business meeting, the sharp alarm clock has you covered.

These next set of will help you set up and start using your new Sharp electronic clock. 1.) Press and hold TIME button on the top of the clock. 2.) Press the HOUR button to change hour. 3.) Press the MIN button to change the minute. 1.) Find the alarm on/off switch on the back of the clock. 2.) Change switch to BUZZER. 3.) Press and hold the ALARM button on top of the clock. 4.) Press HOUR button until desired hour is displayed. 5.) Press MIN button until desired minute is displayed. 6.) Set the volume dial on back of clock is turned to desired volume. 7.) To activate snooze, simply hit SNOOZE and the alarm will go off again in another 10 minutes. 8.) To turn the alarm off, change from BUZZER to OFF. How to Set the Alarm Radio as Alarm 1.) Find the alarm switch on the back of the clock. 2.) Move alarm setting from BUZZER to RADIO. 3.) On the back of the clock, move the AM/FM to desired setting. 4.) Use Radio station dial to the desired station. 5.) Move volume dial to the desired volume. 6.) Follow the How To set the alarm for time. If loss of power, the SHARP electronic clock will automatically reset. Please follow all the instructions reset.

For More Information

Sharp Inc
900 Electric LN
Calamity Falls, OR 98556
PO Box 58648

WWW.SHARP.COM/HELP Sharp INC Presented by: Anna Graf, Deanna Knox, Matthew Boysen SNOOZE ALARM TIME HOUR MIN SHARP Beginning Steps Remove Sharp alarm clock from packaging. Remove any and all packaging material off of the clock. Insert power cord into a working power outlet. When you first start up the Sharp alarm clock, it should begin blinking 12:00.
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