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Art Review

Governors review

Leon McMullen

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Art Review

Art & Design Department
Curriculum Meeting Why BTEC? Personal Study http://www.personalstudy.co.uk Exam Results over the last 5 years GCSE Results have remained
above the national and school
average for 4 years. Successful Intervention Strategies League table wallchart of progress Regular assessments and target setting Students follow a course that is tailored to their individual learning needs. Every student follows a different path that addresses personalised learning requirements more relevant homework KS3 peer assessment formative assessment open ended tasks less directed learning emphasis on exploration condensed SOW to allow for learners
starting BTEC in year 9 Instant rewards Learner / Parent Involvement Homework tasks can be accessed
from home and more detailed
explanations can be provided Marks for GCSE and BTEC learners
can be accessed within a password protected page All course information is
accessible online giving students
more responsibility Students are leaving comments about each others work as part of peer assessment More suitable for
younger learners Marking is continual
-no nasty shocks Higher achievers will be able to opt
for a further GCSE in year 10/11 http://prezi.com/2i_ey9mez013/edit/#2
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