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Business Plan

No description

Heena Sharma

on 25 August 2013

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Transcript of Business Plan


Core Competitive Advantages
Marketing Strategies
Lease down payment : $10,000.00
Leasehold Improvements including Interiors : $25,000.00
Retail Equipment : $1,500.00
Starting Inventory : $10,000.00
Logistics : $5,000.00
Legal, Accounting and Permits : $10,000.00
Marketing : $5,000.00

TOTAL : $66,500.00
Multiple Segments
Nurture the Melbourne Culture
(cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr

Celebrating top quality coffee and music, because what drives you at times is just a caffeine hit and a soundtrack that can lift you up and get you kicking!

Reflection of love of coffee and music in everything at Coffee Tunes. The cafe would help fellow music lovers in Melbourne and beyond, as the ideology is similar to that of Blackman’s (2010), when he said,

“Melbourne is a wonderful city for people seeking creative inspiration, for those who appreciate a supportive artistic community or who want to think outside the musical square. Amazing music is made here every day.”
• Coffee retail
• Live musical entertainment
• Facility rental for music lessons
Target Market
Three groups of revenue stream:
Coffee Elitists
For coffee enthusiasts, there is a whole culture dedicated to coffee

Music Lovers
No matter which generation, most people are passionate about music

University students
A segment that continues to grow at a steady pace

Corporate in the area and nearby professional buildings
'Adding grove to your buzz'
Excellent Location
Lower overhead cost as a result of dispersing the cost over manifold revenue segments
Extensive Marketing
Presented By :
Cindy JING
Winston FAN
Organization Structure
Ghantt Chart
Break-even Analysis
Projection Plan
Price Menu
Sales and COGS
Best Location :

To attract most importantly the RMIT art students

Best Menu :

To hit the higher number of customers
Best Environment :

To have a good beginning of the day
Best Service :

Coffee with Music
Any Questions?
SWOT Analysis
Estimated Salary Break Out
An estimate for overall operating margin is 14% in the first year increasing to 25% in year 5 as sales increase, creating a scope to take advantage of economies of scale.

• Sales of $375k in the first year and more than $400k in the second.
• Maintain personnel costs less than $180k in the first two years.
• Become profitable in the beginning of the second year of operations.
• Make Coffee Tunes an establishment known for its connection to premium coffee as well as to music.
Capacity & Accessibility
Capacity :
Opening Hours :
Seating arrangement to accommodate 22 people
Mon - Sat : 7am to 11am & 3pm to 7pm
Sunday Closed
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