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Alex Mobley

on 16 March 2016

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Transcript of Urbanization

By: Alex Mobley
1880-1889 London
In the 1880s, the city of London was very deviant m what it later became and what many other regions were like. It was very lacking and primitive, in sanitation, housing, and geographically internal living spaces.
London in the 1900s
As London made advancements, during the early 1900s, many of its national residents were concerned with the various murders, of a serial killer, referred to, as "Jack the Ripper."
London From 1900s to 2000s
The urbanization process of London and many related nations and regions was relatively slow. This city was efficient and developed its economy more quickly than many other countries, around the world for numerous, different, and varying reasons. However, its cultures and residential technology and public services were not quite as successful, as its other, critically important aspects. In relation to most military, political, and social concepts, were highly effective and prosperous at the time, while it could not provide the necessities or developments, that would prove to be profitable, to it regional citizens.
Economic Opinions and Perspectives
At the University of Harvard, Edward Glaeser once made the claim, that "there is no such thing as urbanized country and there is no such thing as a rich rural country.

Glaeser also said that Mahatma Gandhi was wrong, in saying that the future of India will rely significantly or completely, on its territorial villages. Instead, Glaeser believes that Bangalore would have the most important key affects on India's economy and governmental system.
City Urbanization Changes
No model has ever been developed or created to describe, indicate, or predict the changes being applied to or increases and decreases in urbanization, within a specific region, although, one day, geographers hope to come up with one that works and proves to be significantly accurate, when effectively utilized, to figure out how developed, advanced, and urbanized a particular economy or geographic territory is.
Setbacks From Urbanization and Advancement
One concept that prevents economic development and regional urbanization is the fear of urbanization. This is when, for a particular reason or purpose, a group, population, or series of governmental leaders is afrad of turning a rural territory or city into an urbanized and advanced area. Although this has to do with personal opinions and is more mental than physical, it has numerous, different, considerably noticeable affects on industrial and governmental development and advancement. It also tends to escelate at extremely rapid rates and can easily has major affects on regions that are geographically distant, from their oroginal location of origin, especially because of how influential and convincing they can sometimes be.
Ebenezer Howard
Many concepts, principles, and factors, related to urbanization, economic development, 1880s London, and even Jack the Ripper have been significantly studied, considered, and examined, by a geographer by the name of Ebenezer Howard, who has also worked with many, various, other geographers, over the decades, reach the point that he is at now and studies these, in more details and with more specific and relevant facts, than almost, or possibly, any geographers, at any point in human history, partially because of the interest that he tkaes, on a mental level, for urbanizing and developming the modern world.
Urbanization and Modernization
Urbanization is the process, by which a region or territory, usually in a rural or primitive stage of development, becomes more advanced or industrialized. It may also have to do with political, cultural, or seismic improvements are made. Agglomeration and structural advancements can rapidly accelerate urbanization processes.

Modernization is when an area is developed and advanced economically, industrially, socially, culturally, or technologically. Even militaristic innovations can have various, positive effects on modernization processes, within specific spaces. Modernization is a significant and considerable part what distinguishes the modern world from what it was formerly like, during previous points in time.
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