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Trading Cards

No description

Ianerys Rieger

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Trading Cards



Tom Saywer
Tom Sawyer is a disobeying boy who manipulates people in order to get what he wants. One example of Tom's disobedient acts was when he stole some of Aunt Polly's jam from her pantry. Tom is also a soft - hearted boy surprisingly. An example of when he was soft hearted was when he broke Aunt Polly's heart. He broke Aunt Polly's heart when he was up to sneaky plans. Tom is also a daring boy. Tom will always try to prove himself right whether the consequence is rather extreme. One example of Tom's daring acts is when he told Sidney several times that he would "lick" him. Eventually Tom and Sidney were on the ground as Sidney cried while Tom was smushing him.
Tom would never intentionally hurt his family and friends. Though Tom can be a rebel at times he would not hurt the people he cares about. Tom would never do this because he has grew very close to these people and wouldn't want to lose them to violence in physical and mental terms.
One of Tom's prized possessions are his brass andiron knob which he had attempted to give to Becky Thatcher. He saw the knob as his prized possession because late in the 1800s boys did not have a lot of toys and expensive items. Instead they kept very low quality and even unnecessary items, such as rotten teeth and bugs. Another one of Tom's prized possessions were his dead rat which had at string at its tail to swing around your head with. Tom had this as one of his prized possessions because he saw the rat quite entertaining and enjoyable because of its purpose. Another one of Tom's prized possessions were his Bible he had received in church. The Bible is one of Tom's prized possessions because in the 1800s it was expensive to afford a high quality Bible. Another reason why this is one of his prized possessions is because Tom wanted other people to think he read all those verses and think he is a good boy.
If Tom was reading a book you would probably find him reading a book about pirates having a dangerous battle with Native Americans. tom would read this because Tom would like to become a pirate or a Native American someday in the future. Tom would like to be either one of these destinies because he loves adventure and excitement.
One quote Tom usually says is "I'll lick you for that!"

Tom Sawyer
Becky Thatcher
Becky is a sensitive person who cries when she is hurt emotionally. She does cry at times in the book when she misses Tom or feels sad of losing Tom. One example of Becky's emotional side is when Tom started talking to Amy Lawrence in front of Becky intentionally making her jealous. Becky then felt sad of losing Tom and had a quick cry and later hung out with Alfred Temple. Becky is also a jealous person and doesn't like others taking her man. She became jealous when Tom was flirting with Amy Lawrence. Becky is also an intelligent character of the book because she can come up with some very smart plans and ideas. Becky came up with a plan to make Tom jealous by making a picnic and inviting everyone except for Amy and Tom. Unfortunately Becky's plans were ruined when Tom ignored her picnic and paid more attention to Amy. Becky then came up with another plan. She decided to pay attention to another boy to make Tom jealous and it worked perfectly.
Becky would never do anything dangerous and rebellion. Becky is very obedient in school and isn't really into adventure. She does care about her reputation and doesn't want any misbehavior involved in it.
One of Becky's prized possessions is the picture Tom drew while they were in Sunday school. Becky prizes this item because she loves how Tom draws and she does not know how to draw herself.
You would find Becky reading a book about love and romance as it can remind her of Tom and her relationship. Another reason why she would read this book is because she
is a sentimental person who is very "girly".
One quote Becky said was "I'm not sure . But even if I did know I wouldn't tell you.
Becky Thatcher
Tom Sawyer
Huckleberry Fin
Huckleberry Fin is a very adventurous person. An example of his adventurous ideas is when Tom, Joe Harper, and him went pirating. Huck was very jubilant while he was pirating. Huck always dreams of having the riches and treasures he desires. Huck is very ambitious. He was very ambitious when Tom and him found the treasure the Spaniard and Injun Joe found. Huck was very excited and eager to steal the treasure.
One of Huckleberry's prized possessions were his hogshead barrel he always sleeps in at night. This is his prized possession because he loves sleeping in barrels especially hogsheads. Another one of Huck's prized possessions is his dead cat. His dead cat is one of his prized possessions because he thinks he can cure warts in the middle of the night in a cemetery. Another one of Huck's prized possessions was his share of the treasure Injun Joe had left when he died.
You would find Huck reading a book about a boy who adventures out in his pirate ship piling up his treasures and fighting Native Americans for even more treasure. You would probably find Huck reading this because Huck wished to have many riches and treasures to buy soda and pie everyday to eat in his hogshead.
Huck would never leave his friends in danger. Huck would never do this because he cares about his friends and wouldn't put the ones he cares for in danger. Another thing Huck would never do is give up his treasure. Huck always live his life with barely any money and not in good conditions. Since Huck always lived this way he likes to have money to buy the silly things he desires.A quote Hucklberry Fin said is "Ransom? What's that?"

Aunt Polly
Aunt Polly is a strict and stern guardian of Tom. Aunt Polly beats Tom to show him discipline and teaches him a lesson. Aunt Polly is also a caring person. She always worries about Tom if he has gone missing or is in danger. Aunt Polly is like a mother to Tom. Aunt Polly is also very intelligent. Aunt Polly knows almost all of Tom's tricks and knows more about Tom than anyone else.
One of Aunt Polly's prized possession are her medicines and pills she fed Tom. Aunt Polly Thinks Her medicines are very useful and actually work. Another One of Aunt Polly's prized possessions is her jars of jelly. Aunt Polly made her jars of jelly with hard work. She also becomes frustrated and furious when Tom steals her jelly.
Aunt Polly would never leave Tom with no adult in the wilderness for days. She would have lots of stress and create cautious thoughts of what he would do.Aunt Polly would never let Tom play hooky and play with his friends. She wouldn't do this because she knows how important school is for Tom.
You find Aunt Polly reading a newspaper or a periodic. You would find her reading in the health section because she believes anyone who advertises for a medicinal product.
One quote Aunt Polly said was "What's the matter, boy? Ya ain't been yourself for days. Ya need some of the remedy?"
Huckleberry Fin
Aunt Polly
Sid Sawyer
Sid is a "goody - two - shoes" and always blames problems on Tom. Tom sometimes sees Sid as a burden. Sid brought Tom trouble by telling Aunt Polly that she sewed his collar with white thread. Sid is also a sneaky boy. Sid heard Tom sneak out of bed in the night while Tom thought he was sleeping.
Sid would never let a good opportunity go by when he can throw Tom under the bus. Sid mostly tells the truth and always tells the truth about Tom. Sid would never ditch school. Sid would never do that because he wants to be an obedient boy.
One of Sid's prized possessions is the clump of sugar he stole from Aunt Polly. This is one of his prized possession because Sid loves to have extra sugar to his meal.
You would probably find Sid reading a book about school and education. Sid would probably be reading this because he isn't much of an adventurous person and does not see school as a burden.
One quote Sid said was "Aunt Polly, didn't you sew it with white thread?"
Injun Joe
Injun Joe is a cold hearted killer. He is cold hearted because he killed the doctor and tried to kill or deform the Widow Douglas. Injun Joe is also a sneaky liar. He tried to blame the crime on Muff Potter and lied about the whole story. Injun Joe is also a "back stabber". Injun Joe forced the Spaniard to help him kill the Widow Douglas or else he would kill him.
Injun Joe would never let someone in his way. He always needs the job done and will probably kill anyone who is in the way. Injun Joe would never leave without revenge. He is a very vengeful person who does not let other people get the last laugh.
One of Injun Joe's prized possessions is his knife he uses for various purposes such as killing. Another one of his prized possessions is the loots he left in the cave when he died. He treasures the loots because it was all the items he was going to travel with to Texas. He also treasures these items because they served him many uses.
You would probably see Injun Joe reading a book about speacial tactics and ways to travel easily. He would probably read this because he needed to escape the town quietly and efficiently.

One quote Injun Joe said was "And you are going to help me or else I will kill you."
Injun Joe
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