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Should students get paid for good grades? Essay

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Nashely Cristino

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Should students get paid for good grades? Essay

Should students get paid for good grades?
I think students should get paid for good grades!
By: Nashely Cristino
Students today are struggling in school. They need something to motivate them. Parents and teachers try many things. Tutors, studying extra hard, encouraging them and much more, these help students most of the time, but some students think this is too complicated. This is why I think students should get paid for good grades, because this is a easier way to motivate them and it has its benifits.
In conclusion, I think students should get paid for good grades, because it has many benifits. It's a great sources of motavition. There are many benifits for geting paid for good grades. Theirs many ways to motivate students too, but I think that students getting paid for their good grades. I think this is the best way to go.
Furthermore, students do better in school. Student, when they get rewarded, are determined to do their best. Students get motivated to get higher grades and it makes them feel good. They recieve many benifits from this. One of these benifits are that you can start saving up the money you earn for something important.
To begin with, students get motivated to have healthier habits in studying more, trying their best in school to get good grades, and making hardworking a normal lifestyle when it comes to their education. When students get paid for their good grades they try better in school. They give it their best and try to get get good grades, because they can do whatever they want with their money. The students like it better if they are rewarded. It makes them feel better and that they are progressing.
In addition, students should get paid for good grades, because they can save up thier money for whatever they wish to buy. Students can learn how to save up their money and how to use it correctly. For example, by the time the student reaches college, they should have alot of money saved up. Another example is when a emergence happens you have money to pay for what you need to survive. But you can also use the money to buy yourself a little gift to reward yourself for getting good grades.
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