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The Mark of Athena

No description

Zachary Shelnitz

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of The Mark of Athena

The Mark of Athena
Rick Riordan

Presentation By:
Zach Shelnitz
Favorite Paragraph
The Argo II arrives at Camp Jupiter ( camp of the Roman demigods) with Jason, Piper, Leo, Annabeth, and Coach Hedge on board so they can discuss the Prophecy of Seven with the Roman demigods.
Jason, Piper, Leo, and Annabeth meet up with Percy, Hazel, and Frank and at the reunion in which they were supposed to discuss the Prophecy of Seven, Ella, a harpy, speaks of a prophecy mentioning the Mark of Athena.
Leo, while giving Terminus a tour of their ship, the Argo II, got possessed by Gaea and started attacking the Roman camp, but the seven chosen to be in the Prophecy of Seven escaped on the ship.
On their way to get supplies for the ship after the attack, the heroes meet up with Echo and Nemesis and they are told to search for the Mark of Athena so they can bring the Greeks and the Romans together to fight Gaea and the Giants.
The group then goes off to visit Bacchus, the wine God, in Topeka and Bacchus tells them that they must speak to Phorcys for information on Gaea.
The group meets up with Phorcys in Atlanta in an aquarium where Phorcys tells the group of Gaea's plans and the map they found leading to Athena Parthenos, but then he traps Percy and Frank in a tank, later to be saved by Coach Hedge.
That night, Annabeth remembers a meeting with her mother, Athena, in which Athena tells Annabeth that she has to follow the Mark of Athena so the Prophecy of Seven can be accomplished.
The group arrives in Charlestown to search for the map but they meet up with Aphrodite, Piper's mother, and she tells the group that they will find the map at Fort Sumter, but they must finish the quest quickly because civil war between the Greeks and Romans is imminent.
While returning to the ship, the seven get attacked by Roman demigods, but Annabeth goes and gets the map at Fort Sumter and the seven proceed along towards the Mediterranean Sea to find the Athena Parthenos.
Once they reach the Mediterranean, the heroes meet up with Hercules, who gives them a quest because heroes have to complete a quest to enter the Mare Norstrum (Mediterranian Sea).
While back on the ship, Percy has a dream of Otis and Ephialtes talking to a figure he cannot see and they are talking about how they need Annabeth to be alive for a sacrifice and if not, any of the heroes can be used for the sacrifice to awaken Gaea.
As the ship rolls along, it is suddenly hit by another ship whos captain is Chrysnaor, the "golden boy", and he ties all the heroes up and plunders the whole ship.
Frank, who was hiding at the time, comes out of hiding and scares off Chrysaor and his crew.
The ship arrives in Rome and when Percy and Annabeth go to where the map tells them too, Tiberinus and Rhea Silvia (mother of Romulus and Remus), offer to bring Annabeth to start her quest but Percy was not allowed to join her.
Leo, Hazel, and Frank find their way to Pantheon to find Nico d'Angelo but are interrupted by the Eidolons who knock out Hazel and Frank by taking control of all of the automatons where they were, but Leo finds the control room and shuts off all of the machines.

Back at the Argo II, Piper looks through Katopris which she saw a vision which shows Camp Jupiter setting up an invasion on Camp Half-Blood and then it shows a staircase near the forum, where Piper has once seen them all dieing there before through a vision on Katopris.
At the staircase, Percy, Jason, and Piper get drowned by nymphs but the heroes place all of their positive thoughts into a cornucopia which releases these thoughts and the nymphs spare the three heroes along with telling them where Otis and Ephialtes are.
The three travel to the lair of Otis and Ephialtes, where they find Nico di Angelo and the heroes fight the giants, eventually defeating them with the help of Bacchus and the Argo II.
Back on the ship, Nico tells the heroes that the Doors of Death needed in the Prophecy of Seven can be found in the House of Hades and Tartarus but Gaea's forces are guarding the doors to keep them open.
On her path to the Athena Parthenos, Annabeth gets trapped by Arachne but tricks Arachne saying she will display her in Olympus when Annabeth becomes the main architect of Olympus, which leads to Arachne trapping itself and allowing Annabeth to take the Athena Parthenos and the heroes load it into the Argo II.
While loading the Athena Parthenos into the Argo II, Percy and Annabeth fall into Tartarus.
Love: Love is shown through many of the characters like Percy and Annabeth, Piper and Jason, Frank and Hazel.
The heroes are determined to find the Mark of Athena so the two demigod camps can work together and save the Gods from Gaea.
Sacrifice is recurring because of the repetetive mention that Annabeth must sacrifice herself to help the Gods. Also, Percy and Annabeth sacrifice their lives so they can die and go to Tartarus to find the Door of Death.
Teamwork is shown when the heroes fight the giants and other monsters. Jason and Percy worked together to fight Otis and Ephialtis.
Zach: Hello Rick, thank you for being here today.
Rick: Hello, its nice to be here.
Zach: Let's start out with some questions about your past. When were you born and where were you born?
Rick: I was born on June 5, 1964 in San Antonio, Texas.
Zach: Where did you go to school?
Rick: I attended Alamo Heights High School in San Antonio and then later on went to University of Texas at Austin.
Zach: Interesting, when did you start writing?
Rick: I started writing when I worked on the school newspaper and later went to college for a double major in English and History.
Zach: Now what kind of books did you read when you were growing up?
Rick: I always liked reading the Lord of the Rings and I liked reading about Greek and Norse mythology which really influenced me in writing my Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series.
Zach: Speaking of your books, what other books have you written besides the Mark of Athena?
Rick: I have the whole Percy Jackson series, the whole Heroes of Olympus series, the Kane Chronicles and several other adult novels.
Zach: Great, now what did your parents do when you were a child? Did they influence you to become a writer?
Rick: Both of my parents were teachers and artists, so I grew up in an artistic family. I guess the creativity I have inherited from them has helped me with my book writing process.
Zach: Sure sounds like an artistic family. Now what inspired the Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter? Anything special?
Rick: When I was in college I worked for a summer camp called Camp Capers. This is how I found the idea for Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter.
Zach: Who do you live with now? Any pets or children?
Rick: Right now, I live with my wife and two sons, Haley and Patrick. I have one Labrador Retriever and two cats.
Zach: Now what do you like to do in your spare time when your not writing?
Rick: I really like to read, swim, play guitar, and travel with my family. I like to play video games with my sons like World of Warcraft and the Wii.
Zach: Well, I think that is it Rick, thank you for coming down and allowing me to do this interview.
Rick: No problem, thank you.
I do recommend the Mark of Athena to all readers. My initial thought of this book is great and I would rate it 5 out of 5 stars. The reason I would rate this book so high is because it is very interesting. It is very interesting how the author, Rick Riordan, used Greek and Roman culture in his story and how the Greek and Roman Gods connect to the main characters in the story. While reading this book, you not only enjoy a well written book, you are also getting a basic Greek and Roman mythology course with it. Riordan also centers all of his books in this series around a prophecy, which makes out a great storyline because the heroes are always trying to do a quest or fulfill a prophecy. In this case, it was the prophecy of the Mark of Athena. Another reason why I liked this book is because it is more modern. The characters use modern technology like when Annabeth uses a laptop and even though this is small, it allows the reader like me to connect just a little more to the story and the characters. With this information, I would recommend this book to any teenager or young adult who has any interest with Greek or Roman mythology and likes a good fantasy novel.

Another great thing about this novel is the writing style. Riordan writes in a third-person narrative style that shift between Percy, Annabeth, Leo, and Piper. This writing style is so desirable because it really gives the reader an idea of what every character is going through and their thoughts on each situation. That way the reader can really connect to either of the characters. I also liked how Riodan ended the book. He ends the book off with Percy and Annabeth falling into the abyss of Tartarus. This ending draws the reader into the abyss with them because this ending makes you start the next book right away so the readers can learn what happens to them. Finally, one last great thing about this book is the vivid descriptions. Riordan really captures the idea around the Gods like Nemesis, the giants like Ephialtis, and other places like when Piper is looking through Katoptris. This is why I would recommend this book to any teenager or young aduly whos has interest in mythology.

"Wisdom’s daughter walks alone,
The Mark of Athena burns through Rome.

Twins snuff out the angel's breath,

Who holds the key to endless death.

Giants' bane stands gold and pale,

Won through pain from a woven jail."
This paragraph is the prophecy mentioned by Ella which is the center of nearly the whole book. This prophecy is the Mark of Athena. The reason I like this paragraph so much is because I like decoding these prophecies and these lines connect to nearly everything in the book. Also, it is great to read the prophecy and recognize the parts along the way in the book. For example, "wisdoms daughter walks alone" explains how Annabeth must complete her quest without her friends which is why Annabeth left them to find the Athena Parthenos. The second line refers to the coin that Athena gave Annabeth to find the Athena Parthenos. The third line represents how the two giants, Ephialtis and Otis trapped Nico in a jar and he only survived using a death trance. The fourth line means that Nico knows where the Doors of Death are which is knowledge needed to be known for the Prophecy of Seven. The fifth line refers to the Athena Parthenos statue that holds power to destroy the giants and the final line refers to the spider webs by Arachne the heroes had to go through to retrieve the Athena Parthenos. Trying to decode this throughout the story is great because it gives the reader something to think about and it is like completing a puzzle to the book. This one paragraph, once understood, ties the whole book together which is why I like it and why I think it is so important.
The End
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