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Digital Photography 101

An intro to digital photography. Learn how to take awesome pictures!

Ms. Sinajon

on 24 April 2017

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Transcript of Digital Photography 101

Digital Photography
An introduction to taking AWESOME pictures
1. Inspiration
3. Composition
look for natural frames in your environment
The Rule of Thirds
You need something to inspire you to take a picture!
negative space (or empty space) in a photograph is a great way to simplify your image and draw attention to a certain point in your picture
Get up close
Experiment with angles
Shoot candidly
capture dynamic moments
Please AVOID this...
instead, try these tips...
Squeeze together!
2. Lighting
be aware of where the light falls on the object or person you are photographing
From the Greek words phos ("light") and graphis ("stylus" or "paintbrush"), "photography" literally means "drawing with light"
filling up the frame is also a very effective use of space as well. It can add impact to the object or person you are taking a picture of.
not enough light will cause dark and/or blurry photos
too much light can make a picture look over exposed and harsh
the key is BALANCE
watch this...
I'm ready to take (awesome) pictures!
some general pointers...
Try to keep your hands/arms and camera steady
- prop your camera on a tripod, a table, the ground or anything that's stable

- stabilize your hands/arms by propping it on a table, rock, chair, the ground or anything that's sturdy
Don't forget to FOCUS your shot before you take it.
- for your iDevices or touch devices, touch the area on the screen you want it to focus to then touch the shutter button
- for point and shoot cameras or DSLRs, press and hold the shutter button down half way to focus your shot
When it's focused, then push the shutter button the rest of the way down to take your picture.
1/2 and hold to focus
push the rest of the way to shoot
These tips also work with still life (fruit, toys, flowers, etc.), not just people! So experiment and have fun!!
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