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They Poured Fire on Us From the Sky Compare and Contrast

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Maxwell Rosa

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of They Poured Fire on Us From the Sky Compare and Contrast

Made of course by Max Rosa Max Rosa's Compare and Contrast Intro Benson Benson Alepho Alepho Propaganda and Twists Benson and Alepho are both affected by propaganda and twist in information, but they are affected by it in comparable and contrasting ways, such as what they heard, where they heard it from, as well as the views they develop from the information they receive and what is put out there to be grasped. While on his journey, Benson, in the chapter The Skulls Tree a soldier told him that ".... There are five tribes on the way who likes to attack walking people. They kill them and take away their belongings." There are also cases where both of the boys heard the same story. They were listening to a northerners radio station when a man came on speaking his mind and making an argument of his views of the war. While on his journey, Alepho, in the chapter Not in Our Mama's house No More, was told that they would be going to Palataka. They were also said "'There is a missionary school. You will be safe.'"
As you can see Alepho can seperate the truth from the untrue either now or later. Alepho, in the chapter "Back In The Village", was told one-sided stories of the horrible things people from the north have done and the villages they've raided. There is no way to separate the truth from the lies, or rumors in these cases. For those of you unsure of what im talking about heres a little video to explain... In the chapter Twist the Tongue, Benson is sitting in the tribal gatherings the elders host, when the Adults start speaking of politics and religion and he hears from the adults that the people from Northern Sudan "were jealous of the Dinka and Nuer territory". Page 24 Both Conclusion As you have seen, Benson and Alepho were both affected by propaganda and twist in information in the same and different ways. Some were heard from the same source while some you can't tell the differnce between truth and lie.
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