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Nuruddin Amin Zulkifli

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

MORAL VALUES Born 11th June 1978
Penang-born author.
The eldest child in a family of five.
She had her education at St George’s Girls’ School in Penang from 1991 – 1997.
Her novel, “The Curse” won second prizewinner in the English Novel Category of the Utusan Group’s Young Adult Literature Competition of 2005.
She began writing “The Curse” while she was at university and completed it in 2005.
She is happily married to a handsome local and bright young lad.
Presently, she is a full-time medical writer. BIOGRAPHY OF AUTHOR Theme of The Curse Novel PLOT STRUCTURE CHARACTERS AZREEN SALEH by Lee Sue Ann THE CURSE Love 1.1 Parental love
> Salleh Abdullah and his wife love Madhuri dearly like their own biological daughter .

> Azreen's inner conflict because she feels her father loves Madhuri more .

1.2 Forbidden Love
> Mohd Asraf and Madhuri secretly love each other eventually led to Madhuri's death .

1.3 Unrequited Love
> Azreen had a crush on Mohd Asraf during school days Forgiveness > Before the Old Lady dies , she advises Azreen to forgive others . When Azreen discovers that it was her father who murdered Madhuri , she was suprised and run but she felt no anger towards him because he was passed away caused by heart attack Belief in The Supernatural > The villagers seem to believe in supernatural . For example , villagers call upon Awang , the villager shaman to avert disasters . Another example , Puan Normala tries to convince the villagers that the village is cursed because Madhuri's blood is white . Violence Against Women > The story potrays some men believe women to be the weaker sex and they are violent towards them . For example , the Old Lady's husband was abusive towards her and repetitively abused her . He hit and kicked the Old Lady . Gossip And Rumors > Puan Normala is the gossip of the village . Gossiping is a way of life for her . She is "that rotten durian neighbour" says Datin Sharifah . Puan Normala is responsible for spreading the rumors about Madhuri drawing white blood . It was also Puan Normala's gossip that resulted in the tragic death of the Old Lady of the forest . Children should love and care for their parents Azreen’s attitude towards her foster parents, Datin Sharifah and Datuk Zulkifli.
There was an exchange programme in school and Azreen, being a top student, was chosen to go. Azreen got
along well with her foster parents, so well that their relationship continued even after the two-month
programme ended. Datin Sharifah and Datuk Zulkifli would visit Azreen and her family in Langkawi often.
Two years back, they even sponsored her studies overseas. In fact, they treated Azreen very much like their
own daughter. Be responsible for
your actions Awang confessed to Azreen about being responsible for leaving the gate unlatched. He was stealing some
chickens from the farm and he said that he was in a hurry that he had left the gate wide open. He did not
know that the bull was going to walk out through the gate on its own. He was thankful that Azreen
confessed to something that he did. This incident also resulted to the fact that Azreen’s father and mother
hit the bull and her mother was paralysed. Because of that, she got a beating of a lifetime from her father,
En Salleh. Learn to forgive The Old Lady’s advice to Azreen.
After his grandmother died, Asraf went to the Old Lady’s house to take revenge. He was followed by the
villagers who were also angry towards the Old Lady’s house. Asraf tried to whack the door and he pushed
Azreen away. Azreen found a spade next to her, grabbed it and stabbed at his foot. He dropped the hoe and
the torch fell and rolled towards the wall of the house. The fire caught at the wooden wall and with a
sudden spark, it rose hungrily like an unstoppable giant. Azreen crashed into the house. She called out, but
there was no response. Then she saw the Old Lady was lying beside her stove and she ran towards her. She
tried to help the Old Lady up and get out from the house, but the Old Lady’s led was stuck. 20-year-old intelligent
Short and bookish
Highly opinionated and
Kind and value love and
Perceptive and rational
Brave/fearless SALEH ABDULLAH Azreen’s father
A hardworking farmer
Physically strong with
big fists
Hot-tempered, full of
Strict and traditional
Has hidden love and
Judgemental, biased and
unfair MOHD ASRAF A handsome teacher
Loving and responsible
Sly and underhanded MADHURI Azreen’s adopted/dead
Young, pretty, charming
Good and obedient
Kind and self-sacrificing
Naive THE OLD LADY Lonely and isolated
Wise , rational and
Friendly, caring and
motherly Exsposition Conflict Climax Falling Action Resolution Azreen takes time off her studies to attend Madhuri's funeral only to discover rumours shrouding her sister's death.
Everyone believes that Madhuri's death will cast a curse upon them Strange things occurred on Azreen Suspicions are fuelled by superstition Mohd Asraf admits about his affair with Madhuri and confesses about their plan to leave Langkawi. Azreen found out the truth behind Madhuri's death. THE END
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