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No Name Women

No description

Kaleigh Garcia

on 30 October 2015

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Transcript of No Name Women

No Name Women
by: Maxine Hong Kingston

Discussion leading: Kaleigh Garcia and Catherine Ames
Question #2
Throughout the story there were many possible themes that popped out. Some of them being growing up Chinese american, being a women in Chinese society, and the power of silence. What do you think of these possible themes and which do you think was the more predominant one?
Question #3
Why is pre-marital sex seen as such a taboo in Chinese society and how does the theme, the role of women in Chinese society, play into that?
Question #4
What are some of the major symbols that you found in the story? Why are they important?
Question #5
Do you think that Kingston relates to the illegitimate child or feels connected to it? In the story the child is seen as a waste and disrespectful to the family. Kingston can not even ask her mother what happened and feels like she does not even have a voice in her own family. What do you guys think?
Question #1
We just wanted to start off our discussion by asking you guys what you got out of the story? Did you think it was boring? Was it interesting? Did you think maybe it was relevant to what is happening in society today? Maybe within your family? We just want to know what you guys thought of the story and got out of it.

Question #6
In the beginning of the story we learn that her father had a sister that killed herself. We eventually learn that it is because she had an illegitimate child. On page 3 of the story the author states "She told the man, 'I think I'm pregnant!" He organized the raid against her." Why do you think the man that got her aunt pregnant would have done that and not just found a different way to handle the situation or man up to the act.
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