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"London" by William Blake

No description

Simone Kats

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of "London" by William Blake

"London" by William Blake
Life-giving force
Nature is beautiful
Symbol of innocence
Fairy tales
Escape in place
Exotic places
Simple country people
Living close to nature -> idealization
Middle Ages
Old country ballads turned into 'art'
Escape in time
Personal emotions of author
Poetic freedom
Nature - Chartered Thames
Refers to the many boats on the river -> industrialism 'owned' the river
Poetic freedom - narrative & emotions
I wander thro' each charter'd street
The mind-forg'd manacles I hear.
Child - innocence
In every Infants cry of fear
How the Chimney-sweepers cry
Blasts the new-born Infants tear
Blake criticizes society's system (church, army & king)
Society is being poisoned by the system
Interpersonal relationships are under strain of this poisonous situation
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