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Keyboard Instruments

No description

Katreka James

on 25 October 2017

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Transcript of Keyboard Instruments

Keyboard Instruments
Clavier Family
Hurdy-Gurdy- strings were bowed by a wooden wheel that the player cranked with one hand while playing the keyboard with the other.

It also had the drone strings that played without the keyboard, giving it a bagpipe sound.
What to know about keyboard instruments........
- These instruments are played with the hands and can produce many notes at on time.

- They function well as both solo and accompaniment instruments, because can play both melodies and chords
Keyboard Instruments used before the 1750's
Clavier family
Clavichord- a small and very soft keyboard instrument that had metal tangents to strike the strings.
Derek Paravicini
Clavier Family- the strings were plucked.


Keyboard with pipes fall into the general category of organs.

Organs- bellows to push air through the pipes in much the same way that wind players blew into their flute, oboes, or other instruments to allow them to make sound.
Organs vary in size
-Large organs are found in churches and often have sets of pipes.

They vary in sound
a keyboard instrument developed during the mid eighteenth century. Hammers hit the strings when the keys are played. The hammer aids in the varying dynamics
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