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Back-to-School Tips 'n' Tricks :D

Great tips and things you should have for you new school year! A terrific guide to next year if you're lost :)

Skye Wayland

on 3 August 2013

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Transcript of Back-to-School Tips 'n' Tricks :D

Notes and Totes
Hmm... Fashion
Sometime during the summer, you'd start your Back-to-School shopping. What to get in school supplies, clothing, shoes, accessories...

You've got a little trouble? Well, all that ends HERE!!! After you watch this Prezi, you will feel fresh, new, and totally NOT bedraggled and plain!


By Skye Wayland
Your Personal Style
Are you having trouble finding things like what colour suites you, and what kind of clothing brand/style you look best in? Here's some tips...
Ooooh...... Footwear!
Okay, so, for Back-to-School footwear, try buying shoes that you will wear throughout the school year; not too fancy, not too plain, but something that will suit almost ALL your outfits! For instance, Converse All-Stars, Keds, Toms, moccasins, piano flats, Combat boots, and skater shoes are great for Back-to-School. Don't try for something TOO blingy, flashy, patterned, or overdone. Simple, but NOT TOO SIMPLE is the key for Back-to-School fashion!!!!!
Things You Should Know about School Supplies...
MAKE SURE YOU GET GOOD-QUALITY, REUSABLE THINGS!!! Most kids usually say, "Oh, this is so cool... I don't care if I can only use it for one year! MOM, it it NOT going to break!!! JEEZ!"Try to get things that suit you, your sense of style, and your personality. Also keep in mind that you can always recycle your supplies and use them again next year. It saves money, and it also saves the environment. Try to go for not cheap but not expensive items. Make it in a good price range.
Spicing it Up...
It's always cooler when you have your very own pack of markers, colourful Sharpies, Whiteout, a "random things" notebook, Post-It Notes, and pencil crayons. Buying some of those things will be better, and you will soon find that you're almost OBSESSED with all your new Back-to-School products! If you've got a locker, try getting some awesome magnets, a magnetic mirror, and photos of your friends that you can decorate the inside of your locker with. Introduce yourself to a little bling from time to time, and look for other neat knicknacks you can spice up your fresh school year with.
Thanks for Watching!
Back-to-School ideas
By: Skye Wayland
Since it's still summery(ish), try going for the lighter colours. Don't wear anything TOO fancy or wintery, and try not to go for the darker colours. If you have a dark skin tone, lay off a little on the "neon brightness"... Try colours like pale blue, deep red, dark plum, maroon, or slate. Remember: NOT TOO DARK!! (This is my opinion; they're only suggestions. Do what you think is best for YOU!)
Clothing Type
Well, it is not exactly autumn yet, and it's still quite hot... Go for a summer style of clothing. For instance, try jeggings or skirts; t-shirts, crop-tops, and possibly a tank top (if you live in the South). Light, loose-weight clothing is best, but if you wanna wear a sweater and jeans, go for it! (don't get too wintery YET, though.)
I hope you all enjoyed my Back-to-School Prezi, and got terrific ideas for your own Back-to-School outfits and supplies!!!

(Make sure to check out all my upcoming Prezis!)

Buy at least 2 binders; one for storing random papers you don't need, and one for keeping all the stuff from recent classes and studies. The storage binder should be a zip-up, and the rings quite large (2" or so.). It is best if that binder also comes with an attachable accordion folder or stray papers. The "recent things" binder should have smaller rings and less capacity. It can be zip-up, accordion, or regular. You can also have a separate homework folder if you want. (I find that very useful!)
Buy a sturdy, good-quality backpack; I suggest you don't have any TV show/movie characters and logos on it... Later on, you might get embarrassed of what you have, and when the years pass, you wouldn't really wanna have something like "Shake It Up!" on your schoolbag!!! Go for the patterned kinds that really bring out who you are. The lunchbag is best if it comes with your backpack; if not, try to find something that matches in a way.
Now for the writing goods! Make sure to get pens and pencils from a good company, like Papermate or Bic. Have at least 2 pens each of black, red, and blue. If you're a lead pencil maniac, have a minimum of 3; one to use all the time, a baack-up, and one to lend to a friend if they don't have a pencil for the day. It's also a good idea to keep normal wooden pencils in your pencil case, too; I would say around 2-3 maximum. Always keep highlighters handy also. I would suggest Staedler or Papermate for the erasers, and the white ones erase the best. Keep around 3-4 in your pencil case! Erasers are lost easily. You can also always add more things to your pencil case, but the things I just listed are EXCEPTIONS!!!
It's All About YOU!
Like I mentioned before, your new Back-to-School things should be neat, simple, and shows who you are. Since all your things are fresh, why don't YOU start out fresh, too? Go to school with a nice, positive attitude, and try to change in a good way this school year. Make goals that aren't too hard, and make them easy to accomplish. Start out as a brand new YOU this school year!
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