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Master Thesis presentation

master thesis in geomatics

Valdemar Zilovic

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Master Thesis presentation

Master thesis presentation Introduction INVESTIGATION OF THE QUALITY OF RTK MEASUREMENTS IN THE URBAN ENVIRONMENT AND CONCERNING MAPPING OF HAZARDS TO DISABLED PEOPLE By Ligita Jonusaite & Valdemar Zilovic Background Problem Importance Aim Tasks Practical significance What is it about ? Many Europeans, especially people with disabilities, are unable to take part in important activities and aspects of society in an equal manner, simply because policies, societies and especially environments are not designed to meet their requirements. It is extremely important to understand and notice design flaws in the urban environment. To achieve the aim, we had to :
Inspect... Theory Geomatics and the disabled Geomatics field progression
Difference between disabled and disadvantaged
Connection between surveyors and persons with disabilities Universal design What is it ?
Key rules on designing urban environment Pedestrian environment Changes in level External ramps Land surveying, RTK measurements and its errors Land surveying is defined as the art of measuring and locating points, lines, angles, and elevations of the surface of the earth, within underground workings, and on the beds of bodies of water (U.S. Department of the Interior, 1973). RTK positioning - - a high-accuracy, stop-and-go method where the coordinates of points are available in real time. GNSS errors 1) Error related to GNSS satellite, its properties and its reduction:
Satellite ephemeris error.
Satellite clock error.
Effect of relativity theory.
2) Error related to signal transmission, its properties and its reduction:
Ionoshere delay.
Troposphere delay.
Multipath error.
3) Error related to receiver, its properties and its reduction:
Clock error of receiver.
Position error of receiver. 2D map Versus 3D map and
Building Information Modeling concept VS We find ourselves in a period of transition. Paper maps, the legacy of the printing era, are now being supplemented and even replaced by the products of new computer related technologies. What advantages do these changes bring ? 2D 3D BIM - technology that has improved the way structures are designed and built. It serves as a shared knowledge resource for information about a facility forming a reliable basis for decisions during its life cycle. Mobile GPS navigation as electronic travel aid for disabled Within the last decade, a variety of mobile way finding GPS-based systems have been developed to address the distant navigation requirements of visually impaired people. ‘Independent mobility’ is an ideology where visually impaired people can travel freely through the environment, without being constrained to familiar routes or known destinations.
Due to these issues with mobility, disabled people have been introduced to a wide range of technological solutions, commonly referred to as electronic travel aids (ETAs). Method Equipment and... ....software. choosing the right one Measurement Process Finished Data Analysis & 2D Model Creation Analysis & Results Storgata St. 3D Model Background & Data Collection Precision
Investigation Conclusions & Recommendations THANK YOU !
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