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Common and Proper Nouns

No description

Tamara Beams

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Common and Proper Nouns

Common and Proper Nouns
What is a Noun?
What is a Common Noun?
A common noun is the name of a general person, place, or a thing.

Person- policeman or a teacher
Place-park or a beach
Thing-shoes or a pencil case
What is a Proper Noun?
A proper noun is the name of a SPECIFIC person, place, or thing.

Person-Mrs. Wright or Mr. Walker
Place- Hawaii or Bryant-Denny Stadium
Thing- La-Z-Boy or Cheerios
Find the proper and common noun.
I am a girl.
My name is Adam.

Common Noun: country
Proper Noun: Austraila
Common noun: fish
Proper noun: Clown Fish
What do you notice about proper nouns?
Common noun: tree
Proper noun: Magnolia Tree
All Proper Nouns are Capitalized!
Find the Common and Proper Noun!
I went to the park.
I went to Bowers Park.
Find the Common and Proper Nouns!
I love my dog.
I love my Labrador Retriever.
My common noun is a flower...what would be my Proper Noun?
My common noun is a snake....what would be my Proper Noun?
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