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No description

Sara Miller

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Nursing

My Internship
Shadowed at UCD Medical Center
Followed RN Felicidad Loomis
February 7th and 14th, 2015
15 hours
Affects on Patients
Directly affects patients' well-being
Greater workload=more infections
Patients not satisfied
Sara Miller
17 years old
Born in Santa Maria
Raised in Woodland
Senior at WCHS
The Life of a Nurse
Affects on Patients
Burnout affects mortality rates
More patients per nurse=greater chances of death
Chances of mortality increased
Able to learn much about the job
Takes patience
Lots of energy
Be talkative
Sparked real interest in job
Pursue future in nursing
Similar interests
Lots of laughs
About Me
Enjoy sports
Abide Youth ministries
Missions work/trips
Trying new things
WCHS grades k-12
Enjoyed time there
Family environment
People who care
Future Goals
Get high school diploma
Go to college
Play softball
BS in nursing
More missions trips
Use nursing in missions field
Nurse burnout
Causes of burnout
Affects on patients
Legislation about issues
to Research
-Emotional exhaustion
-Lack of personal accomplishment
Difficult situations
Dealing with life and death
What Causes Burnout?
Work Loads
12 hour shifts
- Grueling/straining
Study done
Valuable information revealed

Under Staffing
Nurses claim inadequate staff
Under staffing = longer shifts
-Higher % of 12-13 hr. shifts
-Poor reports from patients
Patients bring personal caregivers

Job Dissatisfaction
Nurses not content with jobs
1 in 5 nurses want to leave job
Nurse shortage in U.S. hospitals
- Relates to under staffing
Disappointing ratios
- Directly linked to work load

California takes Action
First state to pass laws
-Dealt with ratios
Law AB 394
- Hospitals react by 2004
*1:4 emergency room
*1:2 intensive/critical care
*19 other mandatory ratios
Sparks More Action
7 states and D.C. debating subject
Supportive nursing unions continue to grow
Adequate nursing and care could be provided everywhere
Concluding my research
Nursing needed among the U.S.
Only good could come from making their jobs easier
- For nurses and for patients
Hope that more laws like Ca's AB 394 will be passed
Who doesn't want a happy nurse?
"Sorry, we're shorthanded - please pass over the scalpel..."
The Birthing Center
Room with many incubators
Only about 4 babies at the time
Just slightly bigger than my hand
Varying in sizes
The ECMO Machine
Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation Machine
Acts as heart, pumps and oxygenates blood
Used after open heart surgery
Quite rare
All The Commotion
Many people looked at ECMO machine
Grew crowded
White lab coat=doctor
Navy blue=highly qualified nurse
Usual Job
Nurse Loomis put several IVs in
Her specialty
-Other nurses call for her when they fail
-Considered a master
Move patients
Responding to doctors in need of extra assistance
The Stab Wound
Man brought in with stab wound in back
Got there in time to see stitches being put in
Tubes in lungs to make sure they weren't filling with fluid
Painful, man wouldn't sit still
The Colonoscopy...
Stood at head of patient bed
-Mrs. Loomis monitoring IV fluids there
Couldn't bring myself to watch live, but watched on screen monitor
Doctor took biopsies in order to test for colon cancer
The Emergency Room
Mrs. Loomis called to ER for lunch breaks
Four patients to one nurse
Each nurse mans a station
Covered station with 3 FYI patients
-For Your Information
-Trouble patients (rude, refuse nurse orders ect.)
Break Time
Breaks seemed very valuable
Mrs. Loomis said sometimes she would nap
On feet all day
-Health app calculated over 5 miles walking
Every minutes of break counted
Nurse lounge=spot to be
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