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Things Fall Apart : Chinua Achebe

No description

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of Things Fall Apart : Chinua Achebe

Message of the Book
The book "Things Fall Apart" has a deep meaning of the various forms of masculinity.
How culture is transformed and how to adapt and associate with different cultures.
Characters of the Book
Okonkwo: Main character.
Nwoye: Okonkwo's oldest son.
Enzima: Only daughter.
Mr. Brown: Reverend that invades Okonkwo's hometown.
Literary Devices
Analogy (ex. " The clan was like lizard; if it lost its tail, it will soon grow another)
Mood: Tension, gloomy, somber
Irony: Okonkwo claims he has no weakness, but because Enzima cares so much about her he shows emotion towards her
Symbolism: Locusts and fire
Significant People of the Story
FOIL: Oberika
Protagonist: Okonkwo
Antagonist: Colonists
What have we learned?
This story talked about the struggles between keeping the old custom and adopting to the new culture when the colonists invade the village of Umuofia.

Points in the Story
Conflict: Okonkwo is trying to defend the old customs and abolish the new one for taking over the village
Rising Action: The clansmen rebelled and got arrested by the district commissioner
Climax: Okonkwo commits suicide
Falling Action: The village people adapts to the new culture and Okonkwo calls it weak and not defending their own culture
Point of View
Achebe is speaking from a third person point of veiw. He goes back and forth narrating on the thoughts of the characters and Okonkwo's point of view.
Theme: Strong vs. Weak
Okonkwo's father brought shame and weakness. He caused the family to be in debt.
Okonkwo tries to change that title and because defeating Amalinze the Cat, he has earned a title and became well-known and respected
Because of her daughter's love, his weakness appears in the story but he shows no emotion
Things Fall Apart : Chinua Achebe
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