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Virginia Hanrahan

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of GMO

Genetically Modified Organisms Corporate Dominance of the World Food Supply What are GMOs? The genetic engineering of organisms using customized gene splicing from a diverse range of organisms and put into the new genome, altered for heightened production and resilience. Risk Management with Monocrops and GMOs Lack of variation in crop genes grown in large monocultures can lead to huge food security problems
Result similar to Irish potato famine
Lose their resilience
Much more suseptible to pests and diseases GM Seed Dispersal Seeds spread out of fields into non-GMO areas
Affect wild and domestic plants
Create herbicide resistant weeds
Change genes of non-GM plants through cross-pollination
Affect farmers who don't use GM seeds
Organic farmers
Investigations Soybeans, Maize, Cotton, Rapeseed GMOs are designed to be drought resistant, increase crop output, withstand harsh weathers, improved nutrition, and/or herbicide resistant. Monocrops increase yields and reduce labor Who Ownes Nature? Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta,...

Nearly monopolies of GM seeds due to patents

Farmers have a perpetual dependence on the corporations for seeds
Contracts do not allow farmers to collect or sell seeds of GMOs
Farmers are forced to buy more seeds from corporations for the next year's crop
Top GM companies are also major agrochemical companies The World's Top 10 Seed Companies
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