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This is a Tree

No description

Griffin Zaba

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of This is a Tree

Goal #4
get the autograph of the whole Bulls team

own a Nissan 370Z

get another pair of $200 shoes

get more goals

meet Derek Jeter
This is a Tree
passed kindergarten

passed 8th grade

passed freshman year

get my permit

parallel parked
Goals #1
get my license

visit Italy

drive a Bugatti and Lamborghini at the same time

sky dive

have a house in California
Goal #2
visit all the MLB baseball parks

go to Miami University

own a Nissan Skyline

own a big house

jump off a mountain into a ocean
Goal #3
finish this project

get passed 150 on Flappy Bird

sit in a scout seat at a MLB game

Get a perfect bracket in March Madness

go to all the super bowl games after super bowl XLVII

Personal Characteristics



laid back

type b
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