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The New Deal: Culture of the 1930s (18.3)

Chapter Eighteen Section Three

Tim Justice

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of The New Deal: Culture of the 1930s (18.3)

Sounds of the Era Radio Explodes Entertainment Provides An Escape And Commentary The Wizard of Oz Literature of the Era John Steinbeck The New Deal Supports the Arts Federal Art Project REVIEW Put away all of your materials while we prepare for our review game Culture of the 1930s New Deal: Objectives: 1. Trace the growth of radio and the movies in the 1930s and the changes in popular culture.

2. Describe major themes of literature of the New Deal era and how it represented the times. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington War of the Worlds Music of the Era Federal Writers Project Federal Theater Project Dorothea Lange Bell Ringer: Like you read last night, during the New Deal the government supported the arts. Some questioned this because they supposedly supported radical values, but also did not perform an important service for the hard times. What are your thoughts? Is this a valid concern? Migrant Mother
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