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FCCLA Entrepreneurship

No description

Dien Pham

on 30 January 2016

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Transcript of FCCLA Entrepreneurship

Table of Contents
Planning Process
Business Description
Supplies and Equipment
Organizational Chart
Personnel Management
Funding for Business
Laws, Regulations, and Codes
Marketing Plan

ESL Learning Academy
is partnership business that focuses on providing, mainly ESL, students a place where they can get help on their homework while learning the English language comfortably through one-on-one interaction with professional teachers and teachers-to-be.


Hours of Operate
We will operate from 2pm-8pm from Monday through Friday.
Dien Pham and Gracie Hayes
Atherton High, Louisville, Ky
Region 6

Business Description
Our Targeted Audience
5-18 years of age.
Southern Parkway, Louisville, Ky
Market Research
There is only one non-profit organization,
, that is in the southside area that help with immigrants families, but there isn't one in the Southern Parkway area.
Southern Parkway

Emergency Procedures
If a fire occurs, take the nearest fire extinguisher and put it out immediately. If it can't be put out, break the fire alarm and evacuate to the back of the building.
If there's a tornado, the teachers will direct the students into the hallways avoiding windows and that could mean the restroom.
If there's a strange threatening person in the building, call 911 and lock all of the rooms and keep the students away from the doors and windows.
The building
Supplies and Equipment
Desks and chairs
Writing tensils
Papers, including constructive
Language Arts textbooks
Light Bulbs
Office supplies
Office Depot
Home Depot
Maintenance & Repair
There will be hired/volunteered custodians that will help with:

Keeping the building clean
Fixing broken light bulbs
Collecting recycle and trash bins
Cleaning the restrooms.
Organizational Chart
Personnel Management
Hiring Procedures:
1. To apply come in and request an application form.
2. Schedule an interview.
3. Wait and see if you're qualified.
Skills Looking for:
Great children skills
Communication skills
Interpersonal skills
We have a program to accept teenagers who are planning to become a teacher to volunteer at the building to improve their skills for their future career.
Policies and Procedures
1. Parents should pay in the beginning of each week.
2. Students should try to attend all of their scheduled days.
3. Teachers should also try and attend all of their student's scheduled days.
Funding For Business
Funding Needs:

Building rent
Supplies and Equipment
Business expansion
Approximately $15,000 to start the business.
Ways to fund ESl Learning Academy:
Apply for a loan at the bank.
Some from our pockets.

Flexible hours to your schedule.
Will be paid monthly.
10 paid days for personal, sick, and vacation day.
For students, there will be snacks available during the time that they're there.
Louisville Water Company
Electric and Gas:
Internet/telephone provider:
Marketing Plan
FCCLA Planning Process
Identify Concerns:
Kids who are learning English as a Second Language doesn't get enough individualized help.
Set A Goal:
Create an after-school program that tutors young children, including ESL students, of all ages on homework and other things that they are struggling in school.
Who: ESL Learning Academy
What: Tutoring Service
Where: Louisville, KY
When: Within 2 years
Why: There are not many places where ESL students could go and get individualized academic help.
Collect loans to start up the business.
Advertise by putting flyers at different schools.
Hire verified teachers to the business.
Register our business in Louisville Metro.
Monthly Income:
About $25,500. Our income also depends on the number of students who are being tutored.
Monthly Supplies Expenses:
About $350
$650 monthly
$2,000 per month
Monthly Profit:
School bulletin boards
Grocery stores
Postal offices
In the future, we are planning on creating a 30 seconds T.V. commercial for our business and a web advertisement.
Works Cited
Branden Klayko. "This Map Reveals the Hidden Geography of
Immigration in Louisville and across the United States — Broken Sidewalk." Broken Sidewalk. 09 Sept. 2015. Web. 15 Dec. 2015.
Jordan Meyers. "How to Start a Private Tutoring Business."
Small Business. Demand Media. Web. 18 Dec. 2015.
Laws, Regulations, and Codes
Dien Pham & Gracie Hayes
Owners. We are responsible for hiring and managing the building

Volunteer Coordinator
Takes care of people who are interested in volunteering for service hour.
Sits in the front of the entrance to greet and takes care of the sign in sheets.
Keep the building safe from dangerous situations.
Keep the building sanitary for others' enjoyment.
Office Staffs:
Tutor the students.
Help with tutoring students in broader subjects
IC 12-17.2-4-1:
The number of students should not exceed the number of licensed staffs.
IC 12-17.2-4-3.5:
Submit a drug test to ensure that the use of any toxic substances should be prohibited.
IC 12-17.2-4-15:
The state will make an annual visit to inspect the building.
IC 12-17.2-4-1:
Our business cannot operate if we don't have a business license.
Commercial Property Insurance:
Protects and covers the business from any natural disaster that may of destroyed the building.
"Types of Business Insurance | The U.S. Small Business
Administration | SBA.gov." Types of Business Insurance | The U.S. Small Business Administration | SBA.gov. Web. 27 Jan. 2016.
"Family and Social Services Administration." FSSA: Laws, Rules &
Related Policies. Web. 27 Jan. 2016.
Volunteer Opportunity
Rent= $ 2,000 per month
Supplies (school suplies and electronics) = $1,690
Insurance = $650
Business Cards = $9.00 for 250 cards
Open/Closing sign= $25.99
Legal Documents = $600
Working Capital = $10,000
Michael Spadaccini. "The Legal Ins and Outs of Forming a
Partnership." Entrepreneur. 02 June 2005. Web. 29 Jan. 2016.
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