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If the world was a village of 100 people.

What would happen if the world was a village of 100 people.

Mark Mansour

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of If the world was a village of 100 people.

If the World Were a Village of 100 People The village would have 60 Asians, 14 Africans, 12 Europeans, 8 Latin Americans, 5 from the USA and Canada, and 1 from the South Pacific 51 would be male, 49 would be female 82 would be non-white; 18 white 67 would be non-Christian; 33 would be Christian 80 would live in substandard housing 67 would be unable to read 50 would be malnourished and 1 dying of starvation 33 would be without access to a safe water supply 39 would lack access to improved sanitation 24 would not have any electricity (And of the 76 that do
have electricity, most would only use it for light at night.) 7 people would have access to the Internet 1 would have a college education 2 would be near birth; 1 near death 5 would control 32% of the entire world's wealth; all 5 would be US citizens 33 would be receiving --and attempting to live on-- only 3% of the income of "the village"
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