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Marketing Core Functions

No description

Ethan Schlag

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of Marketing Core Functions

Marketing Core Functions

Channel Management - Is getting goods and services to the client. This is important because the market is nothing if there isn't anything for customers to buy. Managers pick the best route or channel that will get the product to the customers/market.
2. Marketing Info. Management
In Marketing Info. Management managers analyze customer trends and try to gather customer data. A good example is customer Profiling
3. Marketing Planning

Market Planning is targeting specific Marketing strategies to run a market.
4. Pricing
Pricing is important to a market because most people will buy the product that is cheaper. So it is important to compare prices to other business in order to attract customers with the best price.
5. Product service management
Product Service Management is maintaining and improving products in response to market oppurtunities.
Promotion is really important to a market. If a business doesn't promote their goods and services then customers don't know about them and wont purchase them from that business. So it is important for a business to inform potential customers.
Selling is when consumers recieve goods they want. A market is nothing if their products and services dont sell so a business must do what they need to do in order to sell.
6. Promotion
7. Selling
1. Channel Management
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