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on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of Jamaica

the U.S.A VS. Jamaica
birth rate: 18.4 births/ 1000 population
birth rate:13.42 births/1000 population
the U.S.A
there are many factors that can affect life expectancy. type 2 diabetes, impairments and key disabilities, severity level, mobility restriction, feeding difficulties, seizures, cognitive functioning. the oldest any human has been known to live to is 122 years, the age reached by Jeanne Calment form France. the life expectancy in Swaziland is 49.4 years, while in japan it is 82.6 years. however, the figure for japan may be slightly increased due to many infant deaths being counted as stillbirths. in most developing countries such as India and many other southeast asian countries, the number of infant deaths is responsible for lowering the overall life expectancy.
what affect life expectancy
literacy rate: total population 87%
female 91.8%
male 82.1%
life expectancy: female 75.15 yrs
male 71.87 yrs
total population 73.48 yrs
doubling time: the population in millions is 2.9
the population will double in 41 years
fertility rate 2.6
literacy rate: total population 99%
female 99%
male 99%
life expectancy: total population 75 years
male 77 years
female 81 years
doubling time: the population today is 267.7 million it will take 116 years to double
fertility rate 2.6
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